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Welcome 2011!

New year. New decade. Hope you all started it well. :)

First of all - Happy happy birthday to chayiana and writing_light!!! Have a great day!!!

Last night, I finished season 1 of Justified, and funny, I kept writing down which episodes I saw for my tv-watched-lists, although I said that I wouldn't keep one of those this year. Weird, how you get used to doing something in one year. I miss it a bit, I think. Maybe I'll think of something else to keep track of, like what fics I've read or something, or I'll start reccing more fics. Because that's also one thing I want to do more from now on - reading more fic! My to-read list is so long and it doesn't really get any shorter, don't know why! So, I definitely want to do this.

deviltrap keeps telling me to get one of those internet sticks so I can go online at work, as well. I might check that out, soon, when I get to the media store, where I wanted to buy a new cell phone anyway. This way, I can do all the things at work for which I don't have the time for when I sleep during the day.

I might sound boring. Do I sound boring? I gotta say, I don't really have anything bright to contribute, but I wanted to make an entry, the first in the new year. ;) Maybe I should keep drinking my wine and be quiet. :P

Tim! - Tattoo! - Gun! - Badge! - Hoodie jacket!! I'm dying!! *thud*

1.11 - Veterans

Jesus Christ - and he wore a bullet proof vest! Omg! *thud*

I love, love, loooove the following scene, of which I also did a picspam yesterday. :D

Raylan: We interrupt anything?
Tim: I've been off the clock since five.
Art: Are you drunk?
Tim: I was heading in that direction, 'til this detour. ...No admission, huh? Did you try flirtin'?
Raylan: He was immune to my charms.
Art: He said, "heroes only".
Tim: Ookay. So you show him your ass wound?
Art: Didn't think it was that kind of an evening.
Tim: Evening soldier. Uh, I didn't bring my cape. I'm guessing this will suffice. *hold up ID*
Door guy: Rangers. Hooah.
Tim: Hooah.


Chest tattoo!!! *dies*

gifs by rememberboys 


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Jan. 1st, 2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
I don't know this show at all but I like the pretty gifs
Jan. 1st, 2011 09:18 pm (UTC)
Pretty gifs FTW! *g*
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