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Would you ever give up the ocean for me?

Guess what time I went to bed? 7:30 am! This morning! I just couldn't sleep. At around 1 am, I shut the computer off as somehow my internet connection wasn't the best anymore, so I watched a few Buffy episodes. Then, when I thought I was tired enough to sleep, at around 4 am, I turned the tv off - and started to read. Just one chapter or two, I told myself, but then I couldn't stop! It was so good! So I stayed up and with an aching in my back, because I was sitting awkwardly I think, I finished The Forest of Hands & Teeth. Have some thoughts and quotes:

I was very much surprised how much I liked this in the end! First, I was drawn to it after I heard from a friend about it and it sounded interesting and I gotta say I love the title of this book. And then I finally read it myself!

Toward the end, the author does something to one of the main characters, which I thought wouldn't happen and that surprised me so much and I have to say I loved that twist!!

In chapter XXXI when they're trying to escape the tree house and one of them has to run through the crowd of Unconsecrated, - and we don't know who it is... until:

I can hear him yell when the first one reaches him. He lashes out at them but there are too many. He embeds a blade in one and before he can pull it free he's pushed back, stumbling. I can see the blood spread out against his shirt.

Here, I still thought that it would be Harry or Jed, but then:

My brother begins to tug at my shoulder, trying to pry me away from the sight, but all I know is that as long as I don't take my eyes off Travis he'll be okay and will make it to the fences unharmed, uninfected.

It is page 269 and I'm shaking the book in my hands and yell "TRAVIS!!!!!!!" O_O

And after he made it to the other side, Mary is after him in a second.

Directly below me is Travis, his body bloody, his arms upstretched, and I am suddenly paralyzed with fear. Fear of the way he stands, the way he reaches for me, the way the blood cakes on his skin, the way he waits below - as if to devour me.

It is page 271 and I scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" O_O

Mary is kneeling next to him, holding him and she tells him that he's gonna be ok, that it's just scratches, but he says, "It wouldn't have mattered if they were scratches or not. I was bitten during the escape from the house."

And I shake my fists up in the air and yell again "NOOOOOO!!" I can't believe it!!!

On page 258 Travis asks Mary, "Would you ever give up the ocean for me?" and in the next chapter, she tells Cassandra that she could never.
And then on page 275 when Travis is dying in her arms, she says, "I choose you. I choose you over the ocean." - And I clutch at my little breaking heart! :(

"Promise me Mary," he says again. This time his voice is weak, his breath rattling.
"I love you," I tell him. But he does not answer. Because he is dead.

Nooooo!!!! :'(

I want nothing more than to close my eyes, to pretend that none of this is real. Everything just a nightmare. But as I swing the blade toward Travis, I see his eyes open.
Those impossible green eyes.
He used to hunger for me with those eyes but never in such a vicious way as now.
I bury the scythe in his neck, shuddering as I feel it slice through his spinal cord. His eyes lose focus as if he sees through me. His body falls limp, every muscle releasing at once.
He is gone. Forever.

This is so very sad, and not in a million years would I have expected that Travis would be the one to die!! Somehow, I can't imagine Mary without Travis now, because it was clear how much they loved each other. :(

Oh le sigh... So much for me and reading a bloody murder and death book after the heartbreaking Nora Roberts books! :P

All in all, this is a really good first book of the series, with I think two more books to follow!


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Jan. 10th, 2011 01:40 pm (UTC)
Nachteule *g*
Jan. 11th, 2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
Schon immer, aber jetzt kann ich das erst richtig ausleben. haha
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