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Maybe it's the hat

Saw a trailer for season 2 of Justified! Woo! Only... let me count... 27 days until there are new episodes!!! And wow, only 27 days until I turn 26. o.O

I watched the first two episodes of The Cape last night.
I thought it had a cool opening with the exploding car, all very comic style, which I liked.

And I think the show is already trying to lure me in, I can tell: first, they show how David Lyons dresses up for work - putting the badge and gun on - as if they knew how much I like this, and then - boxing and showing his arms, oh my... *thud thud drool thud* And THEN he's shirtless!!! And it's only 5 minutes in!

The birth of a hero - kinda magical when he found the cape and when he's training and learning the tricks. I had such a huge grin on my face! :D

I might like this. Damn. It reminds me of Batman. A man who didn't choose to be a hero, but when everything is taken from him, it's his only way to live on, when the world thinks he's dead.

Favorite quote:

Vince: I'm The Cape.
Portman: You're not wearing a cape.
Vince: I'm aware of that.
Portman: No offense.
Vince: Non taken.


And I watched also The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1+2 which I both loved!
In the first movie, guess who was in it as well - Kyle! ♥ With blond hair omg! As America Ferrera's future step-brother. I love America Ferrera so this was great! :)

And when he was playing soccer and then tennis - I've had hot flashes oh my... :P

Also this Eric and Costos - not bad either! Boy! ;)

And then in the second movie, omg! When Lena was in her sketching class and they're drawing someone nude and this guy came up and asked if she's nervous and she answered it shouldn't be too hard, she's seen a naked woman before. And then HE takes his clothes off and says, "Have fun." I bet! :P

I laughed. I cried. Loved those movies!

Nice dream last night/this morning, but then it got weird.
So first, I'm in a crowd of people, we have our hands bound to our backs. Yeah, weird there, already. The day before, I already dreamed that I and other people had been taken and were held hostage or something by a nice older couple. Like in Supernatural's Christmas episode, this old nice creepy demon couple. ;)

So this morning (I want to say last night, but I didn't sleep last night as I was working LOL), I was in this crowd and suddenly, someone's shooting at us. A few fall to the ground, but then I realize it's only blanks! Then, my hands aren't bound anymore and turns out that they weren't in the beginning, but it only felt as if they had been. Anyway, this guy dressed in black walks by and I kind of remember him and grab his arm and turns out it's Jacob Pitts aka Tim Gutterson on Justified, and he recognizes me, too.

Bam! Another sequence. Jacob is with me, but I call him Tim. ;) I say, "Tim", and he *sighs* takes my chin and turns my head and kisses me. ♥ The feeling lingered for a moment on my lips and I touched them.

Bam! New sequence. He's lying next to me, tired and almost asleep (did I miss the best part of the dream here?? LOL) and then - weird part here - Miranda from Sex & The City comes walking. ?? Yeah. o.O

Then something beeps and I wake up. I thought it was my alarm clock, but when it beeped again later, I thought it must've been my cell phone which was running low on the battery.

Anyway, in the next dream, I killed a child!!! O_O I smothered him with a tie or something. My goodness, scary! Don't know where this came from. Maybe it was the frustration because I was woken from the dream with Jacob. :P I tried to get back to this dream before, but I couldn't. *sighs*

Season 7 of Desperate Housewives started here tonight (I'm still watching btw). Already good, I think. But wow, weird - Carlos lost the beard!

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