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Happy happy birthday to mcl4r3n!!! Have a wonderful day!! :D

Again, I slept soooo long today! This morning, I wasn't really tired first, so I read a bit until 7:30 am and then I still lay awake. My alarm went off at around 3 pm and I felt well-rested and wanted to get up but then I heard the voice of our annoying neighbor downstairs - and stayed in bed. :P - Until like 5:30 pm!!! *sighs* Of course, now my day's almost over and in about an hour I gotta go to work again. Meh.

HAVE to dl and watch the Globes tomorrow!!!

Fringe 302 on tv right now. Ok, I'm officially liking this show now, like really liking it! More than before! (And omg, how hot does Joshua Jackson look wearing that police vest? Yumm. :P Also, I very much like other!Olivia's red hair!)

New round at spnland is starting next week. I'll stay on Team Hunter again, but I have to say that also the thought of completely dropping out crossed my mind. Since it went on hiatus, I joined other challenge comms and now I'm busy with those and the bigbangs are starting all over, so I'm not sure that I can fully participate. But we'll see. I kind of also don't want to give up on spnland just now, as I love the show and the games are fun, too. But ok, yes, we'll see.

Movies seen: Buried and Black Swan [Hey, it's Kenzi from Lost Girl!].


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Jan. 17th, 2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
good luck, must be nice having an active land comm. I miss the tb one.
Jan. 18th, 2011 05:23 pm (UTC)
Nice icon. ;)

I really like this land comm, and first it seemed that it had died, as well. There are others out there and I thought about joining, but then I'm not really that into all of my shows that I could write fic about it, or something.
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