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Oooh, finally it worked! White Collar and Southland, and probably Blue Bloods, as well, will be watched tonight!! :D Last night was rather boring. The night before, I had a really good run with writing at my apocabigbang but all of a sudden it was 5:55 am and I thought, damn, nightshift over. Then I wanted to continue writing last night, but wasn't really in the mood. I spent my night reading and then I found games on my computer, like chess and mahjong and something called Purble Place. Was fun. And then I also watched a movie, "Valentine's Day." I had heard bad things about it being lame or something, but I enjoyed it. It was funny and romantic and cute. And there's a gag reel at the end of the movie - FTW! Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift: "I'm Taylor. I'm Taylor. It's confusing. We know it." LOL

I knew it! A sweating guy who's chased by the police with a package next to him, can only mean one thing - drugs or - a head! ;)

Good episode and I loved Danny being so smart about everything. *g*

Primeval review aka Becker-heavy picspam! :P

How can that thing fit into the snack machine? o.O

Good Lord - half-naked Matt!

"I'm gonna get out of bed now, so you might wanna revert your eyes." - Wouldn't dream of it. :P

He could make me "tea" anytime. :P

Adorable! <3

Bad timing though when Abby needed Jess' help, just after she saw that girl getting killed. :-\

...Yeah, because turning on the showers and creating steam just makes so much sense... o.O

Omg! Omg! Omg! BECKER!!!

Hell-o!!! Dear god! First time we see him out of uniform - literally. I like him in just jeans. Emphasis on just jeans. ;)

Also, why does Matt have like nothing (personal) in his apartment? o.O

I think this show needs more screen time. First, it was good but the last 10 minutes or so seemed a bit rushed, I thought.

Oh, and is "Chess" somehow linked to "Orwell"?!

I also gave the US remake of Being Human a try and I really, really liked it!!! Picspam ahoy, because I couldn't not to. ;)

SAM WITWER!, plus his voiceover - I liked it already!!!

"You wake up from your nightmares. We don't."

Hot stuff! I need hot stuff! :P

And hello! What's that tattoo on his chest? Cookies for the one who can tell me! (Ok, the first pic isn't his chest, bare with me here. :P)

And Sam Huntington, oh, I've got to google him (again). I think I've seen him in other shows or movies, he looks familiar. And isn't he adorable!? I love him already!

And MARK PELLEGRINO!!! <3 Couldn't stop grinning! *g*

It was kinda weird watching the exact same scenes from the UK version just with other actors, but wow, I'm surprised how much I like it, so far!

And LMAO! The quotes!!!

Aidan to Josh cooking: Look at you, Julia Child.

Josh: Someone's in the house.
Aidan: Where?
Josh: Upstairs. ...Wait, wait, shouldn't we call 911?
Aidan: You're a werewolf.
Josh: Yeah, occasionally.
Aidan: Useless condition.


Sally: I am God. I am everywhere. I drive all night just to get back home.
Aidan: Are you trying to scare us... with Bon Jovi?
Josh: You went searching for drug change under the wrong couch cushions, lady!

Sally: You two are gonna go all Twilight on each other at some point?

hahaha I love them!

Pretty scenes are pretty.

And oh my, there's even enough UNF for me in this show! I mean, the beginning was hot already, but then...

Dear god, I wouldn't mind having Sam Witwer licking me... *thud* And that sounded even naughtier that I intended it to be. :P

So, a definite YES that I'll watch more of this!

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