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Why do you have a chicken on a string?

Being Human UK is back!!! \o/
Omg! Hadn't seen it in sooo long! The "previously on..." was a good idea then. ;)

"This place is haunted..."
George, Mitchell and Nina look up, think and then, "No, no, there's nothing." LOL

Omg, Mitchell went through one of the doors to get Annie back!! ♥ To purgatory! Experiencing something like the ghost of the past/presence/future, huh? Seeing his first kill...

Werewolf cagefights?! Organized by vamps. So, there are obviously more weres in Wales. ;)

Mitchell's destiny is already set - he'll be killed by a werewolf! O_O

"My name is Annie Claire Sawyer, and two years ago, I died. In so many ways, that's when my life began. In the company of horrors, I learned about friendship and loyalty, sacrifice and courage. Humanity isn't a species. It's a state of mind. It can't be defeated. It moves mountains. It saves souls. We were blessed as much as we were cursed. In this little enclave with the lost, I witnessed the very best of being human. We were safe here, while outside the monsters prowled." - Annie

Good episode that took an open storyline from when Steve took the money and it's also still not finished, but I have to say I'd rather have them go for the main story, with Steve's family secrets.

Ok, scary right away - in that video in the beginning, the timer says 2:43 am. I was watching it at the exact same time!! O_O

"Now, I'm thinking Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

Static on the radio? - Never good! ;)

Lester, what are you doing there?

"Matt, bare with me. I'm the new Jess." LOL

Ethan driving... Has he been there before? Is he from that time and only went back to the Jurassic? o.O He should've died before, but didn't (obviously). What?! o.O

"Please don't do that to me again." Aw!

Preview looks great again!

And omg did Connor say "Jenny"?!!! O_O

Also seen: The Cape 1.04 - Scales on a train [didn't find it as good as the episodes before]

Worked on my apocabigbang, as well, last night. Until 5:57 am - and then it was time again to go home, unfortunately, I'd almost say. LOL Had a good run and cracked the 5,000. Thank god! Rough drafts are due in less than two weeks. But I think I'm on a good way now, having a bit more planned out (maybe too much even?) and I already wrote the ending. ;) So, I just need to fill the middle with 5-6,000 more words. Oh boy...

I left crossovers_las. Just couldn't come up with a fic for the prompt and I've used all my skips, so I'll leave that one and concentrate on the other challenges I have going on.

Oscar nominations are out. Have to check them. And I was thinking about talking to the boss that if I needed a Sunday off (like for watching the Oscars ;)) I would like to switch working days. Haven't seen the Golden Globes and won't because none of the links are working for me, but I won't let that happen to the Oscars, too. Then, I'll switch working days and take that Sunday off. ;)

Oh, almost forgot! The meme!

Day 02 - A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - The Little Prince

Day 03 - Your favorite series

The Twilight series and The Sookie Stackhouse novels!

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