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First of all, thank you my wonderful, wonderful flist for your nice words to my last entry. I think it was just a slight shock that stayed with me the whole night, but also thank god to my shows that distracted me a little. Especially James Badge Dale's lips that I just want to... Let's leave it at that.

I think I'm getting old - all of a sudden I'm interested in *gasp* cook books! I already have some of my own, but couldn't really try anything yet, as the men in my family aren't up to changes or to try something new.

Got a mean email from Amazon yesterday - with special offers. Mostly, I kind of hope that I don't find anything. :P The offer were 3 dvd boxes for 30 Euros - and I saw Bones season 3. So, for only 10 Euros, that's totally cheap. So, I took this and looked for two others to take and decided on Burn Notice season 1 (To try it. So far, I've only seen like one episode I think) and Over There, a show about war and I didn't know anything about it, so I googled and Youtube'd it and there are some familiar names/faces on there (like Nicki Aycox, Rami Malek or Michael Cudlitz), so I'll give this a try, too. In the end, I saved 55 Euros!!! :D

Boss asked last night if I was watching porn. *facepalm* Not at work, no. :P I was nice - and played Mahjong. LOL

And two days ago, I watched Saturday Night Live with Jesse Eisenberg, and OMG! I was LMAO! I have never seen SNL before, but when I saw that Jesse was the host, I wanted to see that. And really, very, very funny!!! *g*

Good episode! I laughed much. *g*

The beginning with Adam drinking from his parents was disturbing. o.O

But then the fun started. Annie playing cheerleader for Mitchell during the interview. LOL And all the George and Adam scenes! "Adam will be staying with us for the shortest time possible."

Mitchell: "I'm not an Old One! I'm 117!" *g*

George to Adam, about Annie: "You're a 46 year old vampire who dresses like a child. Don't call her freaky." LOL

That guy in the basement... O_O Oookay then... OMG! What a creepy couple!

George: "Maybe we'll make it home, can you remind me to gauge out my brain with a spoon?!"

The preview looks... gross. o.O

+ Not a nice doggie! o.O
+ Jenny! Cute fiancé btw.
+ "Stay warm!" ...Maybe Jess meant "Stay Frosty". LOL
+ That's some bachelor and bachelorette party they won't forget. haha
+ Matt's been prepared for this job his whole life. And something's gonna happen with the anomalies?
+ *gasp* Becker! A bomb!
+ LOL at Connor, shooting the champagne cork at the creature. "Sorry mate."
+ Cute when Emily didn't know what a high-five was. *g*
+ haha Lester wedding Jenny and Michael!

+ That was Matt's father!! How sad! :(

I think I got really into it now, which I hadn't after the first two episodes. I had a few problemes recognizing the character's names and who's who and all, but now, it's all very interesting. It's a very complex show with lots of mystery and secret in it, which I like.

+ What's with the b/w pic of the boys at a lake. And my guess, already three of those died because of some kind of secret.
+ Then, the four-leaved clover. What does it stand for?
+ Some kind of secret society?
+ Maggie - a spy for a spy?!

Very interesting to follow the story. But I'm almost through. :( Can't wait to see how it all turns out. And for the sake of a good show like this, that the ending is a real ending, too. And not some open ending, which I hate!

Btw, when Will found out that there are bugs in his office and home, I had noticed right away that the owl on his desk was turned around. ;)

And I have to say that I already realized a couple of episodes ago that I can't look at James Badge Dale without my thoughts wandering... to good places... with him. :P

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