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Fire in the hole!

I'll finish the book meme. It's really hard keeping up with it. o.O

Day 29 - A book everyone hated but you liked

Oh that's very hard to say, as everyone has a different taste, so I can't really say that everyone hated a specific book I liked.

Day 30 - Your favorite book of all time

Also, hard. But if I were stranded on an island and had only one book with me, I'd like it to be Twilight, I think. I've read it twice now and still felt the love the second time around, so I'm sure I'd be good reading this for a few years. LOL

I already have a new meme in my to-do list. *g*

Last night, I was watching the SAG Awards from a few weeks ago, and when there were Armie Hammer, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg on stage together, I was like really pointing at them and said to myself, "I'd do them all." ...I'm such a whore. :P

My laptop, my Meddi, turns 2 today. *g* Ok, she's probably older, but two years ago today, I brought her home. :) Btw, did I mention already that I finally got myself a new cell phone? No? Oh, it's a shiny new toy and it's all mine! *g* I bought it the weekend deviltrap was here. It's a Samsung and it's pink. I've had it in my Amazon wishlist for some time where it was around 90 Euros. Still an ok price I think. But then last week, I saw an ad in the newspaper from the media store, the exact same phone, in the color I wanted - for only 69 Euros! MINE! *g* I only activated it today because I thought I needed some time to get into it, as it's a touch screen phone with lots of widgets and all, but boy, you can forget the user manual. Useless. So, it's learning by doing. And thank god, there was a cable included with which I can connect it to the computer, because I desperately need to upload new ringtones asap! The ones on the phone are horrible!! I was thinking either the Ghostfacers! theme song, or something Generation Kill related, like the boys singing Tainted Love. *g* And maybe everytime I get a text, Ray could say, "Beefaroni?". LOL

Oh, how much I love it when Raylan has to transfer a prisoner, because those things always go other than planned. haha And with Tim this time! ♥

And guh, Tim being all BAMF! I was making weird, weird noises. :P

Ok, four questions:

- Why is this always over so fast? :(
- Why is this on only once a week? :(
- Why is Raylan so hot?
- And why do I want to do real naughty things with Tim? :P

I liked this episode more than last week's.

+ Dolls. That falls under the category "dolls". o.O (For those of you who don't know, in movies/tv shows I'm scared of all creepy things that have to do with animals, children or dolls.)
+ "Be my Valentine." And the heart - we already had this. New jokes please. :-\
+ Don't you notice *somehow* when your head is being sliced open? o.O
+ Dean: "So what? We got a bunch of killer dolls, like Chucky? That's just... just..."
Me: Creepy?! o.O
Dean: "Freakin' creepy."
+ Parent-trapped - That Dean refers to himself as Ben's parent. <3
+ See? Never play games with lonely women! It'll end bad for you! ;)
+ "My job turns me into somebody that can't sit at your dinner table." Dean, you break me. :( And is it just me or does Jensen - again - look even hotter than usual? Damn!
+ Ben considers Dean family! ♥ Dean's memories! ♥ So, did he really and for good say goodbye? I don't want to believe that.
+ "This is Dean's other other cell..." LOL
+ Possessed Impala. "No, no, no... She possesses sex dolls. This is not a sex doll. You leave my baby alone! She's got nothing to do with this!" Oh Dean. *g* And then leading her to the wall. "I'm so sorry, baby." *g*

And oh, I'm sooooo looking forward to next week!! :D


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Feb. 20th, 2011 08:54 pm (UTC)
Pretty new phone *g*
Feb. 21st, 2011 06:24 pm (UTC)
It's fun playing around with it and discovering everything. :D
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