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Oh Misfits, why haven't I watched you earlier? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! :D Finished season 2 - unfortunately - already last night. (Lots of pics behind the cut. Couldn't help myself. *g* Some NSFW? :P)


+ How can future!Simon touch Alisha? I know, later, she gives up her power and doesn't get it back, but before, she still had it, so... How?

Nathan kissing Simon! O_O Omg!

And seriously! When future!Simon and - fandom jump here - future!Dean are this hot (oh, and not to forget future!Sylar!)... Where is a DeLorean when you need one??

Alisha: You and me? Seriously?! How is that ever gonna happen?
future!Simon: You fall in love with me.

Hello cute English guy, how can I get you drunk? [Insider joke]



You will be my new favorite pic and I shall call you JFC! GUH! (And guess what's my new wallpaper *g*)

Nathan: I just realized I haven't died this week.
Simon: It's only Thursday, there's still time.


So, Nikki can teleport and Curtis can rewind time. Alisha attracts people with her touch and Simon can become invisible; people didn't recognize him before either.
Perfect matches! ;)

Something so beautiful...

...can't end well. I just know it. :(

Now I know why icecoldrain mentioned future!Simon's death in her tv meme as saddest character death. :(

Alisha: I don't love him! I love you!
future!Simon: It's you falling in love with him, that makes him become me. ♥

Las Vegas ♥


Simon listening to "The Killing Moon". <3

Superhero costumes! "Does everybody else feel like a total cunt?" LOL

Wasn't there a gif of this somewhere on LJ...? I think I've seen one before. Need to check for comms now anyway. F* me! LOL


Simon follows Alisha to "his" place and then he finds out he was the one with the mask!

"Nathan Young: Oops, there goes my brain!" LOL

Kelly dead!!! O_O

Simon's pissed! Please! How fucking awesome is this? Btw, hoody-love! <3



How come that Simon has started training? In the previous episode it was after they became famous that Alisha told Simon that he's the one with the mask, and only then, they became an item, sort of. Now, it's three months later, has she told him then? o.O

Alisha gives up her power?! And then she can be with Simon. Who would have thought that in the beginning, huh? ;)

And thanks to Nathan, I'll never be able to look at Fisherman's Friend again without thinking of Misfits. LOL

Them singing! *g*

Nathan: You're giving birth to an alien!!
Kelly: It's afterbirth, you dickhead!

Omg!! I actually had tears in my eyes from laughing!!!

Good, that in the end, they're getting their powers back! Except Alisha I guess, as her power died with Jesus guy.

Ooh, the show returns later this year! \o/ Rather sooner than later! :D

Mitchell to Annie: You and me is for forever. ♥

Is it gonna be Nina who'll kill Mitchell?

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