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Random thought I had the other day - I think I rather should've been born in the 60's. I like the music from that time almost more than the new stuff. I love...

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to love (1967)
Carole King - I feel the earth move (1971)
Dusty Springfield - Son of a preacher man (1968)
The Flamingos - I only have eyes for you (1959)

Finally finished a book I got from my boss, last night. It was "Two little girls in blue" by Mary Higgins Clark, and that's a well-known author, but nope, didn't like it. :-\ I wanted to like it and it was good in the beginning but then there were so many repeats of events that it just got boring. Same with the one before, "The Summons" by John Grisham. The movies are great but I really don't like the books. I guess I finally found an author I really don't like. I heard this happens to people.

Have been stalking Twitter yesterday when LJ was down for some time and read something funny on Norman Reedus' Twitter, or well, the pic he posted was funny. *g*

Hell yeah! LOL That's awesome!

Winona: "This was supposed to be f...un. Tim's here." - I CALL THAT FUN! *g*

Blowing that guy's head off - not gross at all. o.O But hi Channon Roe! *g* Oh, I know my boys when I see them.

So, let's talk about my favorite one... Tim GUHtterson!! :P With the sleeves rolled up! Omg! And then, "I can't carry a tune. I don't know how to shoot a basketball and my handwriting is barely legible. But I don't miss." Oh... UNF... Oh... UNF! GUH! *thud* I'm dead.

And how great and funny is Art!? "Did you roofie me, Raylan?" LOL

Also watched: The Listener 2.03 - In His Sights

Just got my first text message on the new phone and got startled. LOL The beeping was a new one. :P

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