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Let it rock! Let it rock! Let it rock!

At the moment, I'm sorting a little through my links of favorite sites, videos etc. and I think I already mentioned that I might get a Youtube account to handle all my favorite vids better and all, and today, I started with music. I got myself a last.fm account. So if you want to add me - GO AHEAD!

First, I finally deleted my account at Playlist.com because I couldn't use it anyway, not anymore. Due to some license issues, no songs can be played in my country (oh how I hate this sentence!), so there's no use of having an account there.

Now, I'm discovering last.fm for the first time. Shouldn't be too different than Playlist.com, me thinks. And the thing with Youtube is, at the moment, I have an extra folder in my favorite links folder for Youtube vids, but it's not sorted. Not at all. I can never find a vid when I want to and always search all new although I know that I have already saved it. Anyway, I think this might help to keep track of everything.

And I'm only *this* close to also having a tumblr. I wouldn't even know what to do with it, but I already found some great accounts there with lovely pics (Justified, Jacob Pitts ["If you don't know who that is, you're living a shameful, shameful life." - Trufax!] and instead of saving the links, having an account might also be easier to follow them.

Don't even get me started with Facebook!

The www just pulls me in deeper and deeper...

See what I mean? And I only went through like 50 pages on Google to find this precious. That's what I do on my night off. I need a life.

Btw, what is that with Imageshack all of a sudden, that you don't get a direct link anymore without being registered? Argh!

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