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This week has been great for dreams: Two days ago, I dreamed of Ashton Holmes. Yesterday, there were Alex Skarsgard and Rob Pattinson and Jacob Pitts [I woke up when he called me "Ma'am" and I was about to kill him. Figuratively speaking. LOL]. And today, I dreamed that I was at a Supernatural convention with deviltrap, but we were at my old school and all the doors were locked. And no idea really how we spent the day, but in the end, I was shocked as we had missed Jensen! O_O Don't let that be a bad omen! [Seven weeks until AE2! *eek*]

Tomorrow, I'll be spending the evening with my friend Irina, who invited me to her home. I'll bring the horror movie dvds, she has the wine and chips. Perfect! :D

I would like to go to the cinema again. Haven't been in a long time, but there's just nothing on that would interest me. BUT it's April and that means that Fast Five will come to cinemas in... let me check... 25 days! Woo! \o/ When I was in town with Irina last week, we already saw the movie poster and she was so surprised! Didn't know that there'd be another The Fast and The Furious movie. And she's like, "Oh, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, too?", and I said, "Yes, and my favorite, as well." And she said, "Oh, the gruffy one from the first movie?!" And I only grinned. *g*
Online, I already read that at the preview of the movie, one day before if officially comes to cinemas, they'll show those pimped cars in front of the cinema. Might be cool. Will have to check with the boss, if I can have the night off or something. :)

Aww! That was sad. :(

The story about the Dead Sea scrolls is everywhere I look these days. Huh.

Oh, no! They found out about Simon!!

Thomas sacrifices himself - and others - for Sophia! :(

My God, what a depressing episode. :( Jeez, it's great!

Also, I finally started watching my In Plain Sight season 2 dvds - I love this show!!! And I just read that it's been renewed for a fourth and fifth season!!! Hell yeah! :D

Oh, awesome, awesome show!!! I immediately remembered what I loved so much about it in season 1!!!

2.01 - Gilted Lily

Will Estes! And Liza Weil! :D

Marshall: How'd she take it? Mad? Really mad? Fit to be tied? Furious?
Stan: Actually, she sounded happy.
Marshall: That can't be good.

At the house of a suspect:
Mary: What's that smell?
Guy: Sage. I just finished up a little family smudging ceremony.
Mary: Mh... Nice.
Marshall: *shoots her a weird look* Aaand we're US Marshals. Mind if we ask you a few questions?
Guy: Come on in.
Marshall: *to Mary* Coming, moonbeam?

2.04 - Rubble with a cause

Holy shit - Matt Davis!!! *eek*

2.07 - Duplicate Bridge

Miller! Marshall's "fake" name is Miller! I don't think that ever came up before! :D

"Because I know my witness." Ok, that was very sad. :(

2.10 - Miles to go

Oh, Marshall, you definitely have a thing for Mary. Still. ;)

2.11 - Jailbait

Marshall quotes Shakespeare! ♥

"Love is a smoke, raised with fumes of sighs."

Aw, Mary finally said yes to Raphael!

LOLiest quote:
Mary: [discovers a goat boiling on the stove] Holy mother there's a dog in that pot! And so help me it smells delicious!

2.12 - Training Video

Mary opens up a bit to Raph and tells him she works for Witness Protection!

Also watched: Justified 2.08 - The Spoil [No Jacob. I'm sad. Only five more episode. I'm sad.]

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