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What would Buffy do?

I think deviltrap just called me from a Nick Carter concert. And although I think my Backstreet Boys times are over, that was still cool. *g*

Here is my season 4 review/overview of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I already finished it last weekend, but wasn't really up to typing up all my notes. Why do I always write so much? :P

+ Awesome first scene in episode 1 - Buffy and Willow at the cemetery, waiting for a vampire to rise. He does without them noticing, but when he sees the weapons and crosses, he shakes his head and leaves. LOL
+ Marc Blucas! *sighs* I always liked him. Also liked that Riley didn't fall for Buffy right away, that their relationship took time to build.
+ Giles has a fuck-buddy! ;) [Ep. 1]
+ A phone call - no one answers. Only later and on another show! - we find out it was Angel calling! ;) Cool crossover, which you don't get at first! Love it! :D
+ Soldier boys take a vampire! [Ep. 1] The Initiative as we find out later on. Cool idea I think.
+ No Cordelia. Odd.
+ Oz walks past a girl [Ep. 2] who turns out to be another werewolf. I like all those little things of which you don't know what they mean now, but have a big significance later on.
+ Season 4 has a lighter mood, like Buffy at war with her (demon) roommate, or the bad beer episode [5]. I guess after you've see the Hellmouth open twice, or was it three times...? You've (almost) seen it all. ;)
+ Vampire!Harmony!! [Ep. 3] - and she bites Willow! And omg, right - she was Spike's girlfriend! LOL
+ Anya seduces Xander! [Ep. 3] "It's ludicrous to have these inter locking bodies and not interlock."
+ Buffy sleeps with Parker. [Ep. 3] But gets her heart broken when it's just a one-night-stand for him.
+ Again, Angel/Bufy shows crossover when Oz brings Angel the ring of Amara.
+ Another Halloween episode! \o/ [Ep. 4] Giles with a sombrero! LMAO! Comes 2nd after the magician hat! LOL And Anya wearing the bunny costume! *g* Real horrors there, yeah! Great creepy episode!
Wait a second... End credits... - Aldis Hodge!!
+ Spike is back! Again! - And gets taken by the Initiative! [Ep. 6]
+ Willow catches Oz with Veruca - the other werewolf. She calls him a jerk, and I think that coming from Willow... I mean, it even hurt me, him hurting her. Very wow, when Veruca then locked herself in with Willow, - to kill her! So she can be with Oz. Oz kills Veruca and in the end he leaves.
Willow: Don't you love me? - Oz: My whole life... I haven't love anything else. ♥
+ Mh, I like the Initiative guys, especially Graham (Bailey Chase). ;) Again, the uniform's a big turn-on, as well. *g*
+ Oz = Daniel Osbourne. Daniel... I totally forgot!! o.O (That he has a... real name, that is. LOL)
+ Riley realizes he loves Buffy. [Ep. 7], and all his friends already knew he did. That's funny. *g*
+ [Ep. 7] I like the scene with Riley, Graham and Forrest in the elevator, on their way to the Initiative HQ.
Forrest to Riley: Dude, a straight tip: I know about girls.
Riley: Exactly. Girls, plural. I'm talking about one girl.
And then he speaks into a voice recognition thing. "One girl." - "Initiative vocal code match complete. Special Agent Finn, Riley."
+ Spike goes to Willow and wants to kill her, but gives her a choice - he would make her a vampire! [Ep. 7] I was thinking maybe something like that happened in AU, too, and it was Spike who created vampire!Willow. ;) (Without the chip thing of course)
But oopsie, Spike can't hurt anyone because of a chip in his head.
+ ANGEL! [Ep. 8] Another cross-episode. "My friend had a vision..."
+ Spike bound to a chair - with arrows sticking in him. "Hey, watch the heart!" LOL
+ Buffy mentions seeing Angel in LA "for five minutes". [Ep. 9] Another crossover, when she saw him, he was human and she was with him longer... but... ah, you know the story. ;)
+ Because of Willow's spell [Ep. 9], Buffy/Spike happens! *g*
+ Willow meets Tara. [Ep. 10] I love the scene where they join powers to move the soda machine.
+ Riley and Buffy first kiss - and then they find out about each other.
+ Buffy and Riles first have sex. - And Prof. Walsh's watching! Kinda very creepy! [Ep. 13]
+ Adam. [Ep. 13]
+ Buffy in a dream with Faith... "Little sis' coming..." - A preface of season 5?!
+ Oh man! Riley tells Buffy he loves her - when she's actually still Faith! :-\ [Ep. 16]
+ Oz! Comes back! [Ep. 19] - But Willow chooses to be with Tara.
+ Cross with Angel again. [Ep. 20] Guess I shouldn't wait too long to rewatch that as well...
+ LOVED that spell they did where they joined forces and their strength to kill Adam. "You can never hope to grasp the source of our power." [Ep. 21]
+ In ep. 22 I liked all their nightmares, and then with the very first slayer roaming their dreams. Plus, old characters - Oz! Harmony! Snider! Adam!! In complete human form! Being very mystic! - The guy with the cheese slices! What? o.O
- Tara to Willow: Soon, they'll find out about you and then they'll punish you.
- Giles: Spike is like a son to me. [And in a future ep. he is (almost)!]
- Xander: Buffy, are you sure you wanna play there? It's a pretty big sandbox.
Buffy: I'm ok. It's not coming for me yet.
- Giles is singing about the realization that their spell triggered some primal evil, - the first slayer!
- Tara to Buffy: You think you know. What's to come. What you are. You haven't even begun.

Favorite quotes:

"What would Buffy do?" - Xander [Ep. 1]

Xander: "I don't get your crazy system."
Giles: "My system? It's called the alphabet." [Ep. 3]

Willow (dreaming): "It's in the sand blaster!"
Oz: "What's in the sand blaster, Will? It's a dream. Come back to me."
[Isn't that just the sweetest thing?! ♥]

"Spike had a little trip to the vet, and now he doesn't chase the other puppies any more." - Spike [Ep. 8]

Spike: "If you don't turn on the television..."
Giles: "What are you gonna do? Lick me to death?" [Ep. 9] Nice death. :P

Buffy: "Spike and I are getting married!"
Xander: "How? What? How?"
Giles: "Three excellent questions." [Ep. 9]

"If I kiss you, it'll make the sun go down." - Riley [Ep. 10]

"Fortune favors the brave." - Buffy [Ep. 10]

"Can't even shout, can't even cry
The Gentlemen are coming by
Looking through windows, knocking on doors
They need to take seven
and they might take yours
Can't call to Mom, can't say a word
You're gonna die screaming
but you won't be hurt"
[Ep. 10]

Giles: "It's the end of the world."
Buffy, Willow and Xander, simultaneously: "Again?!"

Tara: "I am, you know?"
Willow: "What?"
Tara: "Yours." ♥ [Ep. 16]

"I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little bit more. And you know why I don't? Because it's wrong." - Faith, in Buffy's body, to Spike [Ep. 16]

Buffy's trying to "sneak out" with Riley to have sex.
Buffy: "Hey, can we...? I... need you to take a look at an essay for a class."
Riley: "That essay. Right. I'll catch you guys in a minute. There's an essay I gotta look at."
Graham: "And I'm the one who got a D in covert ops." *g* [Ep. 18]

"It was an experiment. The Initiative represented the government's interests in not only controlling the otherworldly menace, but in harnessing its power for our own military purposes. The considered opinion of this counsil is that the experiment has failed. Once the prototype took control of the complex, our soldiers suffered a 40 per cent casualty rate. It was only through the actions of a deserter and a group of civilian insurrectionists that our losses were not total. I trust the irony of that is not lost on any of us. Maggie Walsh's vision was brilliant, but ultimately insupportable. The demons cannot be harnessed. Cannot be controlled. We therefore recommend that this project be terminated and all records concerning it expunged. Our soldiers'll be debriefed. Standard confidentiality clause. We will monitor the civilians and the usual measures prepared, should they try to go public. I don't think they will. The Initiative itself with be filled in with concrete. Burn it down, gentlemen. Burn it down and salt the earth." - [Ending ep. 21]

[And see, salt and burn is never a bad thing. ;)]

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