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Just some thoughts and favorite quotes. ;)

A lot of people kept telling me how great "Dead in the Family" was, so I was really excited to finally read it. But in the end, hm, I thought it was ok.

The highlights for me were the werewolf story around Alcide's pack and Sookie acting as their shaman, and Eric's maker being in town. Bill's sidestory was ok, too, but what I found a bit annoying by now, actually was the whole fairy story. Last time, it was Dermot trying to kill Sookie and Jason - now he's the "good" guy...?! But it's Claudine's lover who's looking for revenge this time. I guess or hope we can leave all the bad-fairy-stories behind now.

Favorite parts/quotes:

"If any male could perform sexual healing, that male would be Eric." - I bet! [page 4]

"'There's the rub,' Eric said. Somewhere along the line my Viking honey had read Shakespeare." *g* [page 16]

"A red tear fell on my bare shoulder and coursed down. I swept it up on my finger, putting my finger to his lips - offering his pain back to him. I had plenty of my own." [page 18]

The book starts with all nice things: Sooke and Eric and how well their relationship is going. Her having dinner with Jason and she feels good because he's family. So all is well, and I thought that can only be the preface to something horrible...!
And there, on page 52 are the magic words, "And there's a body." And Sookie thinks it's Debbie Pelt. Still won't leave us alone!

"Someone had put Jace Everett's 'Bad Things' on, and just about everyone in the bar was singing along." [page 26] Awesomesauce! haha

"...when the Shreveport packleader called meon my cell phone." Me: ALCIDE!!! <333 *squee*

"'Your boyfriend,' he said. 'That sounds... strange. I am so not a boy.'" [page 71]

LMAO and aw and LOL all together at Eric's letter! [page 137]
"My lover, I came in too close to dawn to wake you, though I was tempted. Your house is full of strange men. A fairy upstairs and a little child downstairs - but as long as there's not one my lady's chamber, I can stand it. I need to talk to you when I rise. ERIC"

Claude drives an Impala!! GUH!

Sookie debates whether to become a vampire or not!!! When she thinks about her getting oder, her health and all.

"'Sookie, I'd hoped we'd be a couple one day. Now that I'm packmaster and you're in love with that cold ass Eric, I guess that'll never happen.'" - Alcide [page 298]
- Me too, Alcide. Me too!! <3

"'Ocella taught me everything about being a vampire,' Eric said very quietly. 'He taught me how to feed, how to hide, when it was safe to mingle with humans. He taught me how to make love with men, and later he freed me to make love with women. He protected me and loved me. He caused me pain for decades. he gave me life. My maker is dead.'" - Eric after his maker died [page 325]

I was sad when I had finished the book so quickly. :( Now I'm just more excited for "Dead Reckoning"! *g*

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