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Happy birthday, flist!!! <33

Happy happy birthday aeroport_art and cordeliadelayne (I hope you're having a great time in Paris!!)!!!! <33


Favorite quote from that episode:

Detective: First time you shot someone, kid?
Jamie: Yeah.
Detective: Enjoy the paperwork.

And later:

Frank: I hope that you, the both of you, won't have to fire your gun in the line of duty again.
Jamie: The paperwork is murder.
Danny: Yeah, can't you do something about that, Commissioner?


If that was the end of the series, it's ok. I'd watch a season 2, but if that really is the end, I'm glad it had a real ending, at least.

They solved Joe's murder, Jamie wasn't shot (*g*) and I really liked the very last scene. Nicely shot.


Ben/Sophie is happening after all! ;)

But in the end, Ben drives away, still on the search for his father, and Sophie leaves the carnival!


Ben finally finds Scutter! He heals his scars - and almost everyone in Damascus dies! It's like Pushing Daisies! *g*

And Jonesy and Libby, huh...? And hello naked Tim DeKay! *g*

Omg!! That preacher Justin is the Management's son!! And when he attacked Scutter, Ben stabs him dead!! - And he has blue blood!! O_O But he gave Ben his powers before he died?!


Is that Bonnie and Clyde? LOL

Jonesy and Libby got married! Omg! Btw, her mother is always so upset when Libby is just a little happy. Especially when she noticed that Jonesy was into Libby. Was she unhappy because she didn't have him, or her youth and beauty?

"Don't you see what he was?" - and Sampson holds up the blanket - with Management's face on it! - Like Jesus!! O_O Holy shit!
And then, Ben answers, "I know, because that's what I am!" O_O

The annointed dagger - fueled with avataric(?) blood - no wonder it's blue! :P LOL

Ben saves the boy without even touching him!

Omg! Sophie's working for the preacher!!

Ok, it's getting really interesting now! Before, it was much of "Huh?" and "What?", but now that some secrets are revealed, the understanding is better of course and it's a whole bunch of "OMFG!" :D


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May. 20th, 2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
Merci, my dear! :D
May. 23rd, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
De rien, cherie. ;)
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