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You know I know you got soul

Jason Manns has been awesome again, as always! He's such a sweetheart! <3 Pics will follow.

Finally got the money back from an insurance I canceled. Took them long enough. I have plans now for shopping for some clothes and maybe check Amazon and Amazon UK if they have something cheap at the moment, as well. ;)

I'm *this* close of posting my AE2 report. Still need to check some things and upload my photo op pics but then it's ready to go.

I thought that I could go to France again this June to see Merlin being filmed, but now it's not happening as I have to work. They start filming on the 20th and my bosses leave for their vacation on the 23rd, and then I'll have to work daily in a 12-hour shift until they return!! Tough, but doable. Plus, I could use the money. There's always a next convention. :P And they also asked me if I wanted to cover for a colleague when he's on vacation. That would be something different from what I'm doing at the moment. It would be at a paper factory, where I'd sit at the reception, check papers for people coming in, if they're even allowed to come in and stuff like that. And also I'd have to sell paper. Apparently, my bosses trust me on this, otherwise they wouldn't ask. And it already worked well at the shopping mall, so I'm really considering it. Would also be nice to have a change to my daily routine, I think.

That Primeval returned totally passed me! o.O Though, today, I've read that season 5 will start on German tv in two weeks, already, as well!

Abby and Connor have been back for a while now, right? Abby could've gone to see a hairdresser by now, really. :P

"What? Is it gonna work out why there is always a sock missing after you've done the washing?" - Oh, Connor, you're adorable! <3

Did Becker get even hotter? :P

Ooh! Abby figured Matt's secret out!!

I loved Santana losing it! LOL

Blaine tells Kurt that he loves him!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I love them both soooooooo much!!!

Mercedes and Sam!!!

So, they lost Nationals. Probably means there's gonna be a season 3. ;)

The last episode! I cannot believe it!!! Finally, we learn more about "The Event" and then it's over!! O_O

So, if the aliens stay there, there's gonna be some kind of "rebirth" - "We call it the event." - and then they evolve into something greater and mankind gets erased or something, it does something to the people!

And Leila is pregnant! Gosh, I ship Sean/Leila so hard right now! <3

"What is it?" The President's boy asked. And as they suspected the wife being one of them, too, I'm like, "Home..." - and then she says that, too!! Awesome! hehe

I would wish for at least one more episode, to bring it to an end, but *sighs* I think that's just wishful thinking... :-\

Also watched: Sanctuary 1.04 - Folding Man + 1.05 - Kush [The love for this show still hasn't hit me. I'm giving it up for now.], The Listener 2.13 - Reckoning [Season finale! Series finale?]

Now, I'll continue drinking cidre, which my friend A. had brought from France for me. *g*


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May. 28th, 2011 08:29 am (UTC)
12 hour shifts, oy. Take care of yourself!
May. 28th, 2011 07:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but it's only gonna be for like two weeks. I'll survive. ;)
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