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Happy birthday aletta!! <3

One by one, I'm gonna post everything. Just give me some time. :P

Before the actual concert, I was in a meet & greet with Jason. We were only 10 people, Jason included, so it was nice and cosy. Of course, there was one girl especially that kind of took the conversation into her own hands, as if the others weren't even there. Ah well... But it was nice anyway.

First, Jason asked me where I was from and then we talked about wine and his music, of course. And we asked if he played all his new music to his wife first. He said yes, but that it didn't help him much, as she'd always say that it's great. *g*

Those 30 minutes went by too fast, unfortunately, but then he wanted to play something for us in the end. A girl asked him about a song - but he had forgotten the lyrics! Aw! haha Later, he had looked them up. *g* And then, we could still stay in the room with him for the soundcheck. :)

Some pics from that evening, which was awesome as always! Can't wait for him to be back here!

At the end of the evening, I bought a new poster and had him sign it. He even remembered me. *g* We talked a bit, I asked him for a hug (VERY nice hug!) and then I sat outside with two friends and we drank something, as it was still early. Btw, I saw so many girls from the con that night! So awesome meeting all these people again and again. *g*

Jason had shaved, btw, because someone had told him that he looked old. LOL Poor boy! *g*

At around 10:30 pm, we noticed a group of girls coming out of the bar where Jason had played, and he was right behind them. So, we were like, oh those girls are following him like puppies! LOL They said goodbye and hugged him, too, and then he saw us at our table and we waved. - And then he came around a few tables to us, although he was carrying his guitar and a bag, and said a proper goodbye to us, too, again with hugs! ♥

And then we were like, ha! They had to follow him, but HE came to US! *g* Such a sweetheart! <3


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May. 29th, 2011 08:09 pm (UTC)
Aw, sounds like lots of fun!
May. 30th, 2011 05:31 pm (UTC)
It really was! :D
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