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Asylum Europe 2 - May 20th - 22nd 2011

The worst part is maybe uploading the pics, but let's see if it goes well. The report from 2010 will follow, too! Super late, but yeah. :P

This can seriously be considered as one of the BEST WEEKENDS EVER!!! Again, kind of like last year, I was expecting the worst from Rogue Events, because I had heard so many bad news about them, but again – like last year – I can’t really complain. It was a very tight schedule, especially on Saturday, though, and the prices were woah, but all in all, it was very well planned.

And I am so glad that I had bought the Diamond ticket!! There really were only twenty of those and we were first at everything; photo ops, autographs and the whole first row was reserved for only us. So, of course, this time, I managed to take some really great pictures!! See below. ;)

Well, on Friday, I arrived only a few minutes later in Mannheim than deviltrap, and btw, I think I know why it’s called Mannheim – there actually live very handsome men!!
First, we grabbed something to eat at Subway, which was my very first time at Subway, too, btw. And then we walked to the hotel. We could already see it from the train station, it was like a kilometer from there, and it didn’t take long to walk there. We checked in, went to our room which was at the top floor – great! – and then we went down to the registration after we heard from someone else that it had already started; earlier than planned.

Registration went fast, though it could have gone even faster if we had read this note on one of the tables that said, “Registration for Diamond tickets”. For half an hour, we stood in that really long line for all the other tickets. **facepalm** But my excuse, the note was really small, too.

Then we checked out the (bad and mean) merchandise. There was a lot of stuff that they had there already last year, so either I wasn’t interested – or I already had it. :P But they also some new cool stuff and in the end I spent… I don’t even know how much, but MUCH on things that totally expose me as a Supernatural lover from now on. If I thought that it had been obvious before… Oh, far from it!

I don’t even know how I brought it all home. I really need a bigger suitcase, that’s for sure! I didn’t take so much clothes with me in the first place; I was only staying for two nights, and the space that was free was packed with food and some water bottles, but in the end, I even left those, the empty ones that is, in the hotel. Forget the bottle deposit, but there’s space for merchandise, I thought. haha

And hey, I got a bottle of TruBlood!!! At registration I saw a girl with it and immediately thought, I have to have that! I tried buying from the HBO store before, but shipping is only within the US, so boo! As well, as the t-shirts, so now I bought both, the TruBlood and a t-shirt from Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. I also wanted to have a Fangtasia one, but they didn’t have the right size, so I asked if I was able to also buy from them online, and of course, that’s possible, even through Amazon, as they’re sellers there, too. So, that’s definitely on my to-do list! And I think I’ll save the TruBlood for the season 4 premiere in a few weeks. hehe

Oh, and what isn’t on the pic above is a poster of Supernatural, a b/w WANTED poster, with Dean and Sam and their stats and mug shots. **g** Later, I saw that they also had a signed one, but I didn’t even ask how much that was. :P

On Friday, not much happened con wise, but I saw some familiar faces again, which was great! I saw raths_kitten, but sorry, I think I only saw you once or twice and each time you were too far away and I didn’t want to draw the attention of every one on the floor to me by screaming. LOL And I still haven't met morgentau yet. Well, third time's the charm, huh? ;) I saw and said hi to thekatlp, and btw, I don’t know if you noticed, but you were right behind me at registration for AE3. (And yes, AE3, next year! Yay! More about that later on.) **g** And, what came as a surprise, I saw another one of my flisters, or ex-flisters…? She isn’t very much present on LJ anymore, but on Twitter even more so, @not_a_machine. I had seen pictures of her before, so I recognized her when we were in the elevator together. I was like, “Is it possible that I know you from the internet?” And she was like, “Uhm… Maybe?” And then I told her what I knew about her and when she asked for my LJ name, it clicked and she also knew who I was. So great! :) And I also met some others that I had met already last year, or even at Ringcon.

That afternoon, deviltrap and I went into the City a bit, had ice cream and tried to not get killed by an urban railway. And later that evening, we went to the disco, listened and sang to the music. Well, the crazy me did anyway, and danced to “Carry on my wayward son”, as we already did last year. But I have to say that last year’s disco was much better. This time, there weren’t that many people, or they had already left earlier. And we also left at around… what was it? Midnight I think. I didn’t get much sleep though. The bed was very comfortable and it was quiet on the sixth floor, but I’m just not used to sleep at night anymore. And it was so hot! Omg! I woke up and was sweating like I was in a sauna! The blankets were so thick! And when I finally drifted off again, I woke up only a short time later and panicked that we overslept (First, we didn’t manage to set the alarms in both our cell phones! New technics! LOL), but it was only like 2 am. But then at around 6 am, I was woken by “Carry on my wayward son”. **g**

Sidenote: I love the breakfast at the Dorint hotel! So much you can take, all the good and yummy stuff!!

We went up to the second floor again, which was all ours – the con’s – for the weekend, and first bought tickets for Jason Manns’ concert that night, as well as raffle tickets. Unfortunately, neither of us won the VIP ticket for next year’s con, but in the end, I won a dvd of Asylum 5! :)
Again, the merchandise was tempting but we went to a bigger room first, for the opening ceremony. It was like I was watching a movie or something, when Doug (Oh, good old Doug. It was nice to see him again.), the Master of Ceremonies, announced the guests and they came on the stage. First, Fred Lehne, Mark Sheppard and Richard Speight, Jr. And all was fine, it wasn’t that special, if you know what I mean. Those guys, I could see as “normal” people. And also later on, I had no problems speaking to them, I wasn’t really nervous at all. But then came Brock Kelly and I was like, jeez, he’s hot! I mean, I thought he was good-looking before, but in real life – even better!! And then Doug said Jared and Jensen’s names and I was like, no, no they’re not here, it’s just not possible for them to be here, in Germany, no! But then they came on stage and I was just blown away!! And then, still, I couldn’t really grasp the thought of them really, actually being there, only a few meters away from me!! And it took me like the whole day to really believe it! This must sound weird, but it was just so surreal!

And then we already had Jensen’s first solo panel. And gosh, he was so sweet and hot and guh! He couldn’t understand the first question, so he walked over to the edge of the stage and asked the girl again, only that she got even more nervous then. haha And Jensen then said, “If I don’t understand it, I’ll just come over to you.” I guess, it was a bit of an accoustic thing, too. And then already with the second question, he had to get up from his chair again! But this time, it was us who said that we hadn’t understood the question. We were like, “Huh? What?”, and Jensen said, “See?” and got up. LOL So cute!

Almost towards the end of the panel, on the wall behind Jensen, we saw a note for our tickets, as well as the Ruby tickets, to get back to the other room to get our autographs, so we had to leave a little early. Jensen was like, “Where are you all going?” and then he saw the note, too and started to laugh and said some stuff like, “Oh, too bad. Now I just wanted to talk about season 7 and this and that. And oh, btw, Kripke will appear unexpectedly and explain everything! But you, just go.” LOL But then we only missed like 10 minutes or so.

Sidenote: The wedding ring looks incredibly hot on Jensen, or actually Jared, too. :P

First round of autographs. The very first one we went to was Richard. I told him my name and then he asked how it’s spelled, and then he was like, “Oh, so it’s not the Russian version? Ah, we should ask my sister, she’s walking around here somewhere.” So, his sister’s name is the same as mine? I don’t know. Anyway, I told him that I had seen him on Justified and that I hadn’t recognized him first and he was like, “Oh, so I did a good job in fooling you.” Oh, he’s great! I really like Richard! Great guy!

Then, we went to Jared next because his line was shorter than Fred’s. Yes, believe it or not! LOL Fred was laughing about that too, when he noticed it, which was just when I stood in front of Jared. **g** And sorry, dolnmoon, I totally forgot to tell Jared you said hi. My brain kind of turned off in his presence. :P But I told Jensen, so that’s something, right? ;) Anyway, Jared, well, what I did tell him, though, was that I was real happy to finally meet him, because I have been following his career for some time now, and just like Misha last year, he kept staring into my eyes, and it was really hard to concentrate. **g** Also, he looked like a giant behind that table! LOL

If I remember well now, almost right after that first panel and the autographs, we already had the first photo op – Jensen! I was so nervous! I thought we’d start with someone easy, like Mark, but then Jensen was first, ok, I lived through it without breaking down. It was a hard thing to do, but managable. LOL Unfortunately, he was sitting during the photo ops, but I think, the pics didn’t turn out to be that bad in the end. And I could put my arm around him, too, so big double, triple yay for that! I asked him, he said, “Sure!” and that was that. Of course, I rested my hand on his back as long as it was possible, until the photographer checked if the pic was good or not. ;) It was just a short moment, but very nice! So very, very nice… I thanked him then and it was over.

Oh, and what I didn’t really like at the photo ops, though, was that we all were just rushed through, like on an assembly line. And even when I was on my way back to the door, they kept saying, “Go! Go! Go!”. My goodness! I can understand that there were hundreds of people waiting outside the door, but still. And they had set the photo ops for half an hour each time, but I noticed that at least twice, they were through with it in only 15 minutes. That’s what I’m talking about.

After Jensen’s photo op, we thought we had missed Fred’s for that day, but it was still going on, so we got in line for that, too. Fred was really nice, as well. He introduced himself when someone came up to him and shook hands. It was really nice.

And I believe after that one, we got in line again because Mark was next, I think. He was sweet and kept calling me “darling” thoughout the weekend. **g** At the photo op, he was like, “Come on, darling!” and I’m like, “I’m coming!” LMAO!

Later at Richard’s photo op, it was funny, too. I asked if it was ok to hug him, he said sure and we hugged, but then the photographer told us to stand on a mark on the floor, and Richard was like – still hugging me – “I think we need to hug over here.” And we just shuffled a few centimeters to the left. haha That was so funny and cute and I heard the others behind me in line laughing, too. **g**

I seems that every year, I fall in love with someone new at the con. Last year, it was Mark Pellegrino and this year, it was Brock. For the photo, I also asked him, “Are you up for a hug?” and he said, “Sure!” and I thought it would be just a normal hug and I only put my arms losely around him. But then he hugged me so very tight, I was really smished into him! You can see that very well on the pic! **g** And the people in line behind me went, “Awww!” ♥

And the last pic that day was with Jared. And as I mentioned before, I completely lost the ability to talk when I stood next to him. **facepalm** I thought that I’d get nervous with Jensen, but it hit me with Jared. And I was the very first in line, too!! deviltrap[Bad username: deviltrap] said, “You go first!” and I was like, no way! But then it was already time to move into the room and yeah, I was first. But Jared was so sweet, too, and kept saying, “Hi! How are you?” <3
Like Jensen, he was sitting and I wanted to ask him, as well, if I could put my arm around him, but I didn’t really got that whole sentence out. But apparently, he knew what I wanted to ask so he just said, “Sure!”. LOL And omfg, he smells goooood, girls!!! I can tell you that!!!

We also had a picture with Richard, Mark and Fred together and another one with just Richard and Mark, which was apparently also included in the Diamond ticket. We didn’t even know!! Someone just asked us if we had picked our vouchers up for that. And I was like, explain! So, yeah, we had two more extra free pics and no one had told us about it!!

So, of course, we did those, too! I kept thinking about doing something funny. But first, the pic with Fred, Richard and Mark together, simply ended up in a group pic.

But then for the pic with only Mark and Richard, I had thought of something. So, when it was my turn, I talked to Richard and said, “How about, I hug one of you and the other holds my hand and looks a bit sad…?” And then he shoved me into Mark’s arms (LOL) and said, “Ok, you hug him. I’ll take your hand”, and he had already grabbed my hand (He had very warm hands **g**) and looked at me with puppy dog eyes. And I shot him the same look back. Aww! **g** I really like this one, I think it turned out well.

The group photo went even faster than the rest! We went in, no big, “What would you like to do?”, just get between the guys in the back and bam, it was over. Richard said hi, but that was that. And I didn’t even realize that I stood right behind Jensen!! And believe it or not, I didn’t even notice when I picked up the pic! I only noticed that yesterday! **facepalm**
The signatures were a bonus, btw. ;) But yeah, I guess, that’s why they took so much for the group shots.

Btw, when we picked up our group shots, by accident, they had printed off two pics of mine and also two of deviltrap[Bad username: deviltrap]’s and both were signed, as well! They asked, did you have two? And oh, we should’ve lied and said yes, because when we said no, the girl had to ask someone else what to do with the extra pics, and when the other woman came, she said that we only get one copy and then she put the others away, probably to destroy them later on. They were printed and signed, with us in the pic, so they can’t really do anything else with it, but throw it away. I guess they expected us to pay 265 Euros extra just for that one pic. Tss… Not our fault they printed it twice.

In between the photos, we went to get our other autographs, too, from Jensen, Brock and Mark. We went to Brock first and like a teenager, I started to get nervous. LOL I even told that Brock, omg! But he was like, “No need to be nervous.” <3 Then, he asked me if I was on Twitter and he gave me a post-it with his Twitter name on it, BrockVKelly. I said, “If you follow me back…?” but he said that he doesn’t follow anybody, so… But I told him that I’d give him a shout. Before I went away, I asked him what the V stands for. He said, “It’s my middle name, Vincent.” <333

Then, we went to Mark, though nothing really special happened then. I just told him that I was happy to meet him and he wished us a great weekend.

Jensen. Jensen was next. **sigh** There was a very long line in front of his table. I wonder why. LOL When we finally got there, I also told him that it’s really great meeting him and then we were almost rushed through again. Too bad. But hey, shiny autographs on a great pic!! And it’s a limited edition, too! Mine is no. 9/100. (You can see a pic of that above in the pic with the merchandise.)

For the panels in general, I gotta say that I don’t remember much of what was said. But with Jensen, what I thought was just plain cute was when he mentioned Jeffrey Dean Morgan and that he wished they could somehow bring him back into the show, and that he had just been at Jeffrey’s son’s first birthday party. Aww! <3

Jared was showing us how fight scenes were done, how they’re filming it, so that it looks real, but of course no one gets really hurt. He demonstrated it on a jug of water, which he kissed at the end. **g** Unfortunately all those pics are blurry, because he kept moving so quickly all the time.

Some others though:

When sorting through the pictures, I also noticed that of all things, Jensen’s and Jared’s have the worst quality. At the beginning of the con, where we had both their panels, we had been in a different room where it was much darker than in the other, which we used on Sunday. And those pics are much better, so thank god, I have at least some light, good pics of both of them at the J2 panel.

Fred’s panel was so funny! First, it started quite slow, no one was asking a question, but when they started lining up and asked questions, he kind of switched topics so quickly and all of a sudden, he was like, “I’m sorry, I forgot the actual question, but listen to this!” and kept going. He seriously has the best story of how someone got into showbiz. I hope I get it right now, and remember correctly. He got expelled from High School, and this is the story how that happened. And after that, he got into acting, I believe. Well, he said, his brother(?) was working at the theatre I think and from him, Fred got some requisites, like bloodbags and blood capsules that you put in your mouth and bite on, and a fake knife that you can fill with blood, so the blood comes out when you stab someone. He said that he and a friend wanted to audition for something and were prepared with all that stuff; Fred had a bloodbag underneath his shirt and capsules in the mouth, and they were ready to give a great show. But in the end, there was no more time for them and they had to go home without having done anything. He said, they were on their way when they saw a group of teenage boys in a corner, smoking, and Fred and his friend were looking at each other and each knew what the other was thinking, like “Bring it on!”, and they’d give them the great show. LOL So they walked towards the group and started having an argument, shoving each other around and all. And quickly, the other boys circled them and cheered them even on, you know, how boys are, and were shouting, “Fight! Fight!”. And all of a sudden, Fred’s friend took the knife and plunged it into Fred’s chest, and the bloodbag under the shirt broke open and Fred’s had his hands over his chest, with the blood pouring out. And there was a girl in the crowd and he slowly walked toward her, reaching out to her with his bloody hand and then he bit on one of the capsules in his mouth and spit the blood on the girl. And she was screaming!! Then he fell on his knees and crawled over the ground in the pouring rain, leaving blood behind him on the ground and then he broke down and lay still. But all of a sudden, he opened his eyes and sat upright again. Everybody knew it was only a show. In the meantime, someone had gone to get the school nurse though, who, btw, never liked Fred in the first place. LOL (There’s a different story. LOL) And she came running to him, some other kids screaming that she should hurry (they were playing along), got on her knees and Fred bit on the other capsule in his mouth and the blood was pouring all over her uniform. LOL Of course, it came out that it was just a show, and that was how he got kicked out of school. LMAO! I seriously couldn’t stop laughing and then he’s like, “It was fucking beautiful!” and I kept laughing even more! I had tears in my eyes! Awesome! Can’t wait to have that on dvd! LOL

Oh, and in the beginning, Fred was talking about music and then asked deviltrap something directly! But she was like, “No”, shook her head and then asked me, “Why did he have to ask me?” But I thought it was very cool. **g**

Richard’s panel was great, too! He told us a bit from filming “Changing Channels” when someone asked him how they filmed the scene with Gabriel shoving Dean into a wall. And he was like, “Well, Jensen was all like…” and then he imitated Jensen! LOL “Just hang on, we’re gonna do it like this. And then he swirled around and took me with him.” LMAO! And he kept walking around and didn’t want to stay on stage all the time. And later, he crashed Mark’s panel and they kind of did it together, which was even more fun! Again, tears of laughter in my eyes! And Richard was really mean. Sometimes, he didn’t answer a question, but had the person who asked it answer. And when they couldn’t, they had to go up on stage and sit on the chair all alone, the hot seat. LOL When Brock came on stage as well, taking drinking orders from Mark…

… and when he came back then, they had him sit in the hot seat. I think I know why it was called that then. hehe Then he even took his jacket off – my goodness! Uuh!
And awww, Mark and Richard were dancing in front of us and then hugging! **g**

Brock’s panel. Mhh… Really, I fell for him this convention. And then he took his jacket off again. Jeez, he’s all yummy! :P “Germany doesn’t believe in air conditioning.” He said. **g** And yes. It was really hot in the hotel (and outside of course) the whole weekend.
Brock also told us about the restaurant his stepfather owns in New Orleans and that we should visit if we ever were there. Covered advertising. LOL I didn’t do the meet & gree this time, as it was extra and without Jensen and Jared, so I passed this time. But apparently, it was nice. Someone mentioned that Brock had told them that he likes to cook, so someone then asked him in the panel what he likes to cook. And then he started listing all those delicious things! And for someone who hadn’t eaten much the last days, that was pure temptation! And yes, I admit, I fantasized Brock cooking for me. **g**

Cute was when someone asked him where he would go if he had a time machine. He had a G rated and R rated version. LOL I don’t even remember the G rated one (no surprise here :P) but the R rated one would’ve been the 70’s – as sex was free. **g** haha …Oh yeah! **winkwink*

Oh, but the BEST in that panel was when someone asked him to sing! Jason Manns had told us the night before at the concert, that he couldn’t do the “Crazy Love” duet with Jensen, but he gave Brock the lyrics to learn, but then Brock didn’t show because he was fast asleep. So, we said, we want it now! And he was like, “Alright, next time someone prints the lyrics and I’ll sing.” And haha, he thought he was off the hook, but oh no. A girl came up and she had the lyrics on her iPod and we were cheering and Brock just whispered “Oh my god!” and he knew he didn’t get out of this sometime soon. ;) He asked us to sing along, at least, and one girl especially did it really good and he was like, “Who is that? Please come on stage!” – for support. They even gave her a microphone and then we started. Oh, that was so awesome!!! \o/ I sang “Crazy Love” with Brock Kelly!! **g**

And speaking of singing and Jason’s concert, Richard and Fred were present then, too, - and then they even played some songs, too!!! First, the both of them played “Sympathy for the devil” which was great, and then they played a song by Richard, I believe, “I only love you when I’m drunk”.
And in the end, when Jason said that he was playing his last song, they came on stage all together and played two more songs together! :D

Another huge highlight on Satuday was of course the coffee lounge with Jensen that was included in our Diamond ticket!! We were early and could find our chairs (They were numbered with our ticket numbers. We had #11 and #12), and I almost sat exactly across from Jensen. Of course, I would’ve preferred to sit closer to him, but from my place, I had a good view at him. ;) We got something to drink, and thank god for that, I was so thirsty! And waited until he arrived.

He was so nice and cute and sweet and hot and everything else! **g** How can this even be rolled into one single person? My goodness! He said hi to us and sat down. Jensen drank Red Bull, and once, the smell was carried to me through the air, and I was like, “That’s Jensen’s Red Bull!! That’s Jensen’s Red Bull!!” (Crazy me! :P) We were talking a little about the show and then someone asked, “I’ve got a more personal question, you don’t have to answer.” And Jensen looked around, smiling (♥) and said, “I don’t think it gets any more personal. Go ahead.” haha And the guy (Yes, there were some men at the con, too. Not only crazy fangirls.) asked him, whether he believed in angels and spirits, too. And Jensen said, yes, he does. And then he told us some stories he had heard or read about, about people experiencing extraordinary things in some situations, like when they’re in danger and already think, “Ok, that’s it, I’m gonna die”, the body and mind kind of act alone, without having the person really realizing what’s happening, but just acting. Some kind of survival skill. That took a whole chunk of the time we had with him and all of a sudden, it was already the last question, and as Jensen had said something about “next time”, I (Yes, me!!) asked him, if he can imagine that there’ll be a next time. And whoosh! All eyes on me, including Jensen’s attention and I was like, shoot! I’m gonna die in this chair. I’ll melt into a puddle. LOL And he said, yes, he can imagine coming back, as he thought that German fans were really respectful and nice (Note: Except maybe that one exception… More about that in a sec.), and he thanked us for that. And at that second, I kind of had forgotten about the other people in the room, and for a moment, it seemed that he and I were alone and I just answered him, “Thank you.” And then the others said thank you, too, and that was a nice closure to our coffee lounge. :)

Unfortunately, it was only 20 minutes. I could’ve talked to him all day long… But oh well, that’s never gonna happen…

I think I’ll definitely do other coffee lounges in the future, too. Last year, I wanted to do one with Misha, but it was 50 Euros, and that was too much in my opinion, but I guess the more I spend each year, the lower my bar gets. LOL

And apparently, Jensen and Jared were also doing a coffee lounge together, or one of them crashed the other’s, or something. Ah, that must’ve been great! I guess you never really know what will happen that weekend, even though so much is planned.

Speaking of… This above mentioned exception, I’m sure it has leaked through during the weekend already. Apparently, a girl kissed Jared after she had her picture taken with him!!! Even Doug mentioned that in all those eight years he’s doing this, that has never happened, or something alike. I mean, wtf?! It’s the first time the boys are coming to Germany, we’re all happy about that, and then someone has to step over the line! My immediate thought was, now they’re never coming back again! :( And later, Sunday afternoon, when everything came to an end slowly, last autographs and pictures, Doug said, “Go get your picture taken with the boys. Who knows, maybe it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance.” Yeah… :-\

That afternoon, Genevieve was also signing pictures, but taking no pics, and Danneel wasn’t doing anything of this. I was kinda groggy and we had such great places right in front of the stage, so I said, I don’t necessarily need an autograph from Gen, so I skipped that. Maybe next time, when it’s announced earlier.

The last thing that happened that weekend, was the double panel with Jensen and Jared together. The funniest thing was when someone asked if they even get recognized in Europe a lot, like in the US where like everybody knows what Supernatural is, other than here maybe. And Jensen was saying that before, they had been to Prague, visiting a castle, and all of a sudden a teenage boy stood real close to him, recognized him and was like, “OMG!” with his mouth open, in total shock! He demonstrated that on Jared! LOL

It’s blurry, unfortunately, but you get it. **g**

Well, I’m sure I forgot a lot, but I’m only starting to wrap my mind around what actually happened. When I got home Sunday night, and went to my room and saw a Supernatural poster on the wall, I was like, “No, that didn’t happen. I didn’t just lay in Jensen’s arms this morning…” So weird. But a good weird. **g**

Oh wait! Did I even tell you about the J2 photo? I don’t think so… **scrolls up and down** Alright, well, first, we were hoping that they would be standing and not sitting again. But then we remembered the incident with that other girl and were sure that they were sitting. – BUT NO! They were standing, thank god!

And just when we got into the room, they were already taking the first pics and we all went, awwwww!!! Because Jared was holding a baby! <333 But the baby apparently didn’t like it all too much and started to cry. Awww! **g** Jensen was just laughing! haha

When it was my turn, Jensen immediately put his arm around me (guh!) and I asked if a group hug was ok and Jensen said, “Yeah, sure!” But then I changed my mind within seconds and remembered other pics where some girls hugged the guys, or just one, and I turn to Jensen and **facepalm** say out loud “I want Jensen!” **blush** (Though, can you blame me??) And I thought that I had to act fast before the photographer had taken the pic and I wasn’t even in position, right? And then I wondered, why I couldn’t move… - Jared had a hold on my shoulder!! Very strong grip, I’m telling you! LOL (I didn’t mind! :P) And Jensen starts laughing after my sentence and said, “But that’s not a group hug.” And just when I was saying, “But Jared can join in.” The photo had already been taken!! The photographer looked at the camera if the pic was any good (and honestly, I was hoping it wasn’t. LOL) – while I was still in Jensen’s arms!!! ♥ But the photographer nodded and I just thanked the guys, Jensen was still smiling (<333) and that was it. **sighs**

I was just hoping that the pic was good, as it was taken while I was talking to the guys! That’s what I meant in the beginning. The rushing through was a big bad. :-\

But all in all, it was an awesome con!!! Hello! I met Jared and Jensen, finally!! I really, really, really hope that it’ll happen again.

But what definitely is happening is AE3!!! I already bought my ticket. hehehe It will be called “Weekend at Bobby’s”, so Doug already announced that Jim Beaver will be back! And Mark kind of already “invited himself”. LOL So, yes, he’ll be back, too, next year. AND we learned that it’ll also be before the Asylum in England! Usually, that’s first, but next year, it’ll be the other way around. I also hope that they’ll stay in this area with the cons. Bad Neuenahr last year was nice, too, and I had my doubts about Mannheim, but the hotel was super easy to find, you could walk there from the train station. It was kind of in the center of the City, so we had all we needed close by. Plus, Mannheim is only like an hour and a half from where I live. And when I go by train from Frankfurt, it’s only 40 minutes. So, that was really great.

Oh, btw, funny story I just remembered. During my train ride, I kept writing messages to deviltrap and then she wrote something like, “I’m at Frankfurt airport right now.” (There’s a line that leads to the airport directly, by train) And I was thinking about that for a second, as I had just left Frankfurt main station and that’s only one station from the airport, and I wrote back, “Frankfurt airport??” And that second, another train passed us. I kept looking but didn’t recognize anyone specifically; it was too fast anyway. And then I wrote, “Did you just pass us?” And yes! LOL In that train had been deviltrap!!! LMAO!


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May. 29th, 2011 12:38 am (UTC)
*is jealous*
it sounds and looks like you had an amazing time,exept for them rushing with the photo ops. that kind stinks :( don't they know you want to savor the moment lol.
your pictures turned out awesome! that one with you and brock is adorbs <33
i'm so glad you had such and amazing time!!!
May. 29th, 2011 12:41 am (UTC)
It really was awesome!! :D But the rushing through was annoying, yes, same at the autograph session. I guess I'll have to learn to just let them all be and take my time anyway. :P

I so fell for Brock! <3 Such a cutie!
May. 29th, 2011 01:10 am (UTC)
I am both so happy happy happy for you and very very very jealous of you all at once..

I love your J's sandwich shot.. OMG the look on jared's face is priceless and the grin on Jensen's is so freaking huge.. you are a lucky lucky woman..

Your Jared shot is cute too.

It just sounds like you had a fantastic time.
May. 29th, 2011 01:25 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks! I know what you mean! Before that I was so jealous of everyone who had met the boys, as well. And you've been talking about going to a con, too, right? So, you'll probably get your chance, too. :D
May. 29th, 2011 04:19 am (UTC)
GREAT photos, sweetie. The group one is amazing.
May. 30th, 2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! :D
May. 29th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
Wow sounds like you had an awesome time! :D I am so jealous by the way that you got to met all these gorgeous guys and get hugs and stuff! :P I really need to go to a con one of these days! :( Your photo ops are awesome by the way! I really love the one with Mark and Richard looking all sad! ^_^
May. 30th, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! :D Oh, you should totally do a con! Whether it's Supernatural related or something else. I'm always having great fun at cons, and it's also great meeting people that you met before. Familiar faces all around. *g*
May. 29th, 2011 08:09 am (UTC)
why don't you give me the merch you already have? ;)

It all looks like so much fun...I mean LOOK AT ALL THE PICS WITH YOU AND THE GUYS!! O.O So jealous, really. gaahh the you hugging jensen pic *.*
My favorite has to be the one before the signed group photo. It's so adorable xD

They all look so cool and fun on the stage.

I'm so happy for you for having such an awesome time =)
May. 30th, 2011 05:08 pm (UTC)
It really was so great! And you know, never say never, right? You might meet them, too, someday. ;)
May. 29th, 2011 09:27 am (UTC)
Wow, that took quite some time to read through. :D
Great report. And I love the photos!

I'm glad you had such an amazing time! <3

*is all jealous now* ;-)
May. 30th, 2011 05:19 pm (UTC)
Now imagine writing it. :P But uploading the pics is the part that takes the most time.

Thanks! And thanks for reading through the novel. ;)
May. 29th, 2011 09:57 am (UTC)
Aw, sounds awesome *g* Love the photos, especially the last one with Jensen and Jared. It turned out great, me thinks. ;D
May. 30th, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks!! :D
(Deleted comment)
May. 30th, 2011 05:25 pm (UTC)
hehe Ja endlich hab ich eine der Flaschen!! Wollte mal über den HBO shop eine bestellen, aber bloß USA-Versand. :-\ Also hab ich die Chance mal genutzt. Blutorange soll drin sein, steht drauf. :P Zur Season 4 premiere werd ich sie wohl trinken. hehe Die ist übrigens am 26.6.!!! \o/

Jaha! Natürlich Englisch! 90% meiner flist ist Englisch, also... ;) Aber läuft mir eigentlich leicht von den Fingern, sozusagen. Ging schnell. Schneller als gedacht, jedenfalls. ;)

Omg! Ja, ich hab Jensen umarmt! Himmel! *g* Der Gedanke allein fühlt sich aber noch fremd an. Nur so langsam begreift mein Hirn was alles passiert ist. *g*

Und ja, so hab ichs gehört. Sie hat ihn nach dem Foto geküsst. Ob Wange oder Mund, keine Ahnung. Aber dann wurde sie der Con verwiesen. Da hält man sich halt mal 2 Min. zurück, wenn man in deren Nähe ist, und hat trotzdem ein tolles Wochenende, also echt...
(Deleted comment)
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May. 29th, 2011 10:18 am (UTC)
Das Bild mit Richard und Mark ist absolut SUPERKLASSE!!

*hurgh* Jetzt hab ich die Bildschirmlupe aktiviert. Shit, wie geht dass denn wieder weg....

May. 30th, 2011 05:27 pm (UTC)
Ja, ne? Ich find das auch klasse! Am Vortag hatte ich ja schon das "normale" single Foto mit denen und dachte, dafür mach ich mal was anderes, was witziges. Ich find auch, dass es toll geworden ist. *g*
May. 29th, 2011 07:38 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a whole lot of fun xD

I love Mark Sheppard, he's so adorable <3 (and him and Richard just go together so well on panels I think!)

Damn Jensen and Jared look goood.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing :D
May. 30th, 2011 05:30 pm (UTC)
Mark and Richard really were great in the panel together. Like Misha and Mark Pellegrino last year. hehe

I couldn't believe how great Jensen and Jared looked in real! Even better than on tv, if that's possible! So hot! And one time, I saw them walking through the hotel with their sunglasses on - eye!orgasm! :P
May. 29th, 2011 10:58 pm (UTC)
Aw, cute pics! Sounds like you an awesome time :D
May. 30th, 2011 05:39 pm (UTC)
It really was great, yes! :D
May. 29th, 2011 11:30 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you had a good time :) All your pics are awesome!!
May. 30th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! :D
(Deleted comment)
May. 30th, 2011 07:04 pm (UTC)
hehe I'm glad you liked it!! :D And yes, it was awesome!
(Deleted comment)
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