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Just reserved tickets for cinema tomorrow. I'm going to watch the new X-Men movie! Yay! :D Have to enjoy every minute of my free weekend. Boss persons leave for their vacation next week and then I'm gonna have to work every day until they come back on July 12th! Then I'm gonna work 72 hours/week!

But my boss showed me a room where there's a tv, with dvd player, so, is this still allowed to be called work? LOL

Great episode!! Joan in court was so funny!! And Annie in France, getting played by that woman as she wants money for her information. "I so didn't see that coming!" LOL

I think this is gonna be one of my favorite episodes so far! :)

New opening! Aw, I miss the old one already. Had such a great tune!

"Millionaire left coded wills to his kids! ...Boring." Aw, Peter, go play with Neal. LOL

"You just happen to have the will in your back pocket." haha

Good episode! I like treasure hunt stories! :D

Also watched: The Glee Project 1.01, Teen Wolf 1.01 - Pilot [With Tyler Hoechlin who I thought was already cute on 7th Heaven - now he's just hot! If he's the wolf, I'm gonna watch it! :P Plus, there's this one hottie from The Gates, too. Ironically, he played a werewolf there.], Blood Ties 1.06 - Love Hurts, 1.07 - Heart of Ice, 1.08 - Heart of Fire, 1.09 - Stone Cold, 1.10 - Necrodrome ["You smell like death" - Mh! Hottest scene! And bad, bad Youtube! You won't let me watch that anymore!!]

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