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Today, I went to the media store and finally bought an external hardrive for just myself (before I was using one of my brother's), 2 TB, hell yeah! ;) Also wanted to get an internet stick, but wow, those contracts are expensive! There were two options, the first was 3,50 Euros/day or 25 Euros/month, and the second was 2,50/day and 39/month!!! O_O WTF? First, I don't need it daily, just every few hours and I thought it was a little too much. Here, at home, we pay like 25 Euros/month and an internet stick doesn't even have the same benefits. Ah well, I might check online again if I find something else there. If I don't get one, it's gonna be a long three weeks at work... Does anyone of my Germans have a tipp?

Writing update: I'm in the middle of Fic Finishing at combat_jack which helps with daily assignments to keep your WIP fresh on your mind and if you can, you add something every day. As I want to finish one of my Generation Kill WIPs for warbigbang, I'm working on this at the moment, and so far, the assignments have really helped! Now, after seven days, I already added around 2,300 new words to this fic. I hadn't touched that WIP in months, so woo! \o/ Total word count of the fic at the moment is 8,372!!

Movie watched: Corrina, Corrina [Rewatch]

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