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Would you like to be mine?

O.M.G. I just got off the phone with toodelicious after almost - wait for it - six hours!!! My ear! My arm! My voice! Things got a little out of hand already after like 45 seconds when I mentioned True Blood. Heavy squeeing and flailing was involved. That was FUN! And speaking of...

Finally I got to watch it!!! Took me long enough, right? Can't believe myself that I could even endure the wait!! Because - as we all know - waiting sucks! So, today, I opened a bottle of Tru Blood and leaned back (or actually not, there was too much squeeing going on). I was curious what it would taste like. Very sweet and it reminded me a bit of some kind of energy drink. But not bad. I liked it, and the bottle is gonna look so good on my shelf. *g*

So, here we go (I love the episode titles, so much I can say right from the beginning):

4.01 - She's not there

I immediately thought of this song and then it played in the end! haha

Ok, fairy storyline... o.O Don't know yet what to make of it. With the energy balls throwing, that looked... odd. And Sookie has been there for more than a year?!! Oh, and I already noticed that they changed much from the books for this season. Of course, there have been changes before, but to me it seems that so far, the most have been in this season already.

Andy is on V! Ha! There are many storylines where I went, "How did this all start? What made them do this or that?" I hope those questions will be answered throughout the season.

Omg! Lafeyette's hair!! *g*

"Decapitating barbie dolls!" LOL I think that baby is just so adorable!! haha And I'm really hoping for more René flashes!!

Bill is King!! See, huge change there! O_O I was already wondering why he had power over Eric when he told him to leave in the beginning. Because Eric wouldn't have just gone. ;)

"I always knew you were alive. And if I owned the house, well, then I would own you. Sookie, you are mine!"

4.02 - You smell like dinner

Jason is getting turned!! "Is someone licking my head?" - "It's just me, Mr. Jason." LOL

"I'm asking you to be mine." - Oh, Mr. Northman, take me now! <3

"Psychopathic frat boy." LOL And LMAO when Sookie found the hidy hole!

Bill had the Queen killed!!

Eric shirtless! (Finally!) - That's the way uhuh uhuh - I like it uhuh uhuh...

"Why do you smell so good?" *g*

4.03 - If you love me, why am I dyin'?

"Snookie!" LMAO!!!

Jesus... Keep talking Swedish, I don't mind not understanding you. <333

Eric is so cute! Like a lost puppy! <3 "It's my house?" And omg when he shoved Pam aways! LMAO! And she just walks back into the room in her amazing red dress and straightens her hair, like nothing happened. haha Gotta love Pam!

Sookie: Eric tasted me.
Eric: Oh, I did? *gringrin* - Adorable!!

Hoyt and that doll! Kinda... disturbing. o.O

Eric in Jason clothes - yum!

Eric: You live here. In my house. Are you mine?
Sookie: No.
Eric: Do you belong to another vampire?
Sookie: No.
Eric: Would you like to be mine? ♥
Sookie: Not really. But thanks for asking.

ALCIDE!!!!!! :D

Sookie's reading Charlaine Harris!! *g*

"You just killed my fairy godmother!" - "Sorry." And that grin!! Omg! Eric! You're gonna be fun this season!!!!! :D

Today, I finally baked those peanut butter brownies that I wanted to try for a long time now. I think I got the recipe from pyjamagirl. Just tried them and yes, yum! The base is a little hard maybe, but it tastes good. Smelled like Christmas bakery in the kitchen today, with all that chocolate. haha

Yesterday was a friend's birthday and I kind of forgot. Didn't even send a text or something. Will probably do that later on, belated. But I guess considering that she hasn't contacted me in three months either, I'm not surprised she wasn't on my mind that day... :-\


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Jul. 16th, 2011 08:16 am (UTC)
SIX HOURS? Holy Shit! 6 hours on the phone? My ear already hurts after 30 minutes xD

I watched the newest epi of True Blood yesterdeay and holy shit how does Eric manage to look hotter and hotter with each episode? I like Amnesia!Eric...he looks so vulnerable and like a little boy and that's even hotter.
The Sookie/Eric moments were so cute...loool I loved their talks xD So adorable ♥

OMG and Alcide is back!! \o/

Lafayette & Jesus ♥♥♥

That doll is so creepy...and how did it come back fromt he lake? I hate that doll...I hated it since the season 3 finale. God, so damn creepy. And now Arlene's baby is having that creepy doll and the baby is really cute but yet creepy xD

Jul. 16th, 2011 02:03 pm (UTC)
Yeah, as I said it got a little out of control. LOL

I DON'T KNOW why he keeps looking hotter and hotter! But I like! *g* He was so adorable in that third episode! Puppy dog eyes and yes, so vulnerable! <333

ALCIDE! <3 Just before that scene with him, I was like, where the heck is Alcide?! And there he was! *g*

That doll!! My goodness! I waited for it to wink or smirk or something. LOL o.O
Jul. 16th, 2011 09:57 am (UTC)
Ich glaub ich bin eine der wenigen Frauen, die nicht gern telefoniert....wahrscheinlich, weil mich das Telefon im Büro ständig nervt; dann bin ich froh, es zu Hause so kurz wie möglich halten zu können ;)
Jul. 16th, 2011 02:05 pm (UTC)
Das glaub ich dir sofort. ;)
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 16th, 2011 02:35 pm (UTC)
I'm happily taking the guilt! ;)

Definitely! :D
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