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Book meme as seen at beccers4469 

Go to page 44, of the current book you are reading, or a random book and type out the first 5 complete sentences at the top of the page.

Ok, first I had to google the English version as I'm reading it in German and now, jeez, I have to use a cut even for only 5 sentences! But I already noticed before that this book has very long sentences! :P

As there were not enough stable-boys to unharness all the carriages, the gentlemen turned up their sleeves and set about it themselves. According to their different social positions they wore tail-coats, overcoats, shooting jackets, cutaway-coats; fine tail-coats, redolent of family respectability, that only came out of the wardrobe on state occasions; overcoats with long tails flapping in the wind and round capes and pockets like sacks; shooting jackets of coarse cloth, generally worn with a cap with a brass-bound peak; very short cutaway-coats with two small buttons in the back, close together like a pair of eyes, and the tails of which seemed cut out of one piece by a carpenter’s hatchet. Some, too (but these, you may be sure, would sit at the bottom of the table), wore their best blouses—that is to say, with collars turned down to the shoulders, the back gathered into small plaits and the waist fastened very low down with a worked belt. And the shirts stood out from the chests like cuirasses! Everyone had just had his hair cut; ears stood out from the heads; they had been close-shaved; a few, even, who had had to get up before daybreak, and not been able to see to shave, had diagonal gashes under their noses or cuts the size of a three-franc piece along the jaws, which the fresh air en route had enflamed, so that the great white beaming faces were mottled here and there with red dabs.

Slept a bit better today. Well, I am assured that I can say that as I dreamed of Stark, with a short cameo by Alex. *g* And Stark even wore his GK uniform! Guh! And I touched it! *thud* We had nice talks about his work and I congratulated him on his wedding (In my dream he was married for a week. (Maybe my dream was one week late...?)) and then he told me a funny story about his mother (IDEK! LOL). But nice dream was NICE!

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