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Oh, I've got a great, great weekend ahead. Or not. I'm gonna have to work the next three weekends at a paper factory. They're on holidays and I've got to do the day shift on Saturdays and Sundays there - 12 hour shifts again! Do not want!! AND tomorrow, my favorite aunt is visiting and I won't even really have the chance to see her and talk to her! :( I'm a sad bunny.

Speaking of... The weird dreams continue.
So, today, I dreamed that I was a shapeshifter and shifted into a bunny. o.O Yeah, IDK.

And I was like talking to our bunnies and suddenly, there was a cat and I attacked it, so it wouldn't go after the other bunnies.

Now, here comes the part where I'm really like a seer or something...

Today, my father slaughtered some of our bunnies (yeah, I know, sad :() and he told me later, that one kind of freaked and jumped at him and landed on the ground and ran away, through our yard and my father barely stopped it from running onto the street. He said that there was also our neighbor's cat, freaking when it saw the bunny...!


1.06 - It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding

I loved this dialogue:

Nassiri: When I think about all the Doritos I could've brought with me...
King: Or the fried pork ribs.
Nassiri: All them Cheetos.
King: I hate Cheetos.
Nassiri: Yeah, I do, too. I just miss them anyways.
Dumphy: I miss What Thins.
*all look at him*
King: I miss Oreos.
Nassiri: Fig Newtons.
King: Chips Ahoy.
Nassiri: Nutter Butters, man.
Dumphy: Pepperidge Farm Milanos.
*all look weird at him again and shake their heads*
Nassiri: Ho Hos.
King: Ding Dongs.
Nassiri: Sno Balls.
King: Twinkies.
Dumphy: Raisin Scones.
Williams: Peanut M&M's.
Lt. Taylor comes by...: Gentlemen. I'm trying to eat lunch in the truck right beside you. It's cruel to talk about better food than we've eaten in weeks... You didn't mention Ring Dings.

Also sad, because right after that, the Lt. got killed. :-\ And jesus! Their reporter's life didn't end well, either! O_O Wow...!

1.07 - Mission Accomplished

Btw, I just realized, their Ray, the driver, - is a woman!! haha

And woah, the missile just flew through the open driver window and out the other side! O_O Right place, right time!

Unbelievable. They get a new Lt., who's even worse than Mad Cow, I'd say. He's the real Capt. America in this!

1.09 - Spoils of war

Oh, Dim, seriously?! There's a reason she's called Mrs. B.! [Btw, I love Dumphy!! <3]

1.11 - Orphans

Dumphy: I used to play chess at Cornell.
Williams: You were like in a chess club or something?
Dumphy: Yeah.
Williams: God, Jesus. How'd you become a soldier, man? You're a goddamn geek?
Dumphy: And proud of it.

1.12 - Weapons of mass destruction

Huh... And it was Nutella that gave the bad guy away.

1.13 - Follow the money

"We solve our problems with violence. That's who we are. That's who we've always been. Not just in this war but in all wars. And when we're done we ask each other for forgiveness, understanding and peace. Let's hope... Let's pray, I guess. Let's pray that our capacity for forgiveness doesn't run out before our capacity for tearing each other apart." - Frank Dumphy

Oh man, I really liked this! Too bad there's no season 2, or more! So many open questions!

P.S.: Got an email from Goodreads.com that someone liked a review of mine. That someone was an author even! Woo! \o/

P.P.S.: BBC's Sherlock comes to German tv on Sunday! \o/


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Jul. 22nd, 2011 11:33 pm (UTC)
I love your title, I live by Detroit, its about 45 minutes away:D Been there a few times.
Jul. 22nd, 2011 11:35 pm (UTC)
Cool! haha It's from that show I was watching, Over There.
Jul. 22nd, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
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