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Let's try this again, shall we?

Well, so much for my fandom entry. LJ wouldn’t let me post it on the weekend. Maybe because of the use of html? I think I’ve read on my flist some of you were having these problems, too…?

Man, my sleeping schedule is totally messed up. From working the 12-hour shifts at night to normal shifts, to 12-hour day shifts, to having half the day off… I could do nothing else but sleep. Seriously. But Sunday afternoon, I was awake and wanted to do something, wanted to go out. My mother was like, “You should sleep some more.” (Because a night shift was coming up.) And I just thought, no, I can’t sleep through my whole life and I haven’t been out in weeks! I need to get out! So I texted some friends, but out of the four I texted, only one was willing to spend the afternoon with me. But I was glad, it was nice. We met in town for coffee, and boy, we both could use it - to stay awake. She was as groggy as I was, also working much these days, so we already had something to talk about. We stayed there for more than three hours, just talking, oh how I’ve missed that! But when I came home, I just wanted my bed. But then I couldn’t even sleep! First, it was so blegh in my room, warm, so I opened a window and lay on the bed. Then I couldn’t sleep because it was so cold and I pulled the blanket over me, but it didn’t help. I don’t know. Me and sleep, or me being awake, it’s a mess these days.

The hours at the furniture house weren’t even that bad. I got some reading done (yeah, I know, I have a great job! haha) and hello shiny, happy people! Finally some human contact again! Usually, I work alone, so that’s nice every now and then. Plus, on Friday, I already spotted a kind of cute new guy. Well, I guess he must be new, as he hasn’t been working there the last time I was there (which was like a year ago). Then, he already smiled at me. Sweet. On Saturday morning, everyone was saying the usual “Good morning” to me, but he was the only one who smiled again and simply said “Hi”. And then he passed my desk again and said, mostly to himself I guess, that he still had time to smoke before going in. But only a few seconds later, he came back and asked me for a cigarette (and damn, I should start packing those!), but as I don’t smoke, I couldn’t help him with that (unfortunately). He saw one of his colleagues and got one from him. But then he again came back inside, smiling, and asked me for a lighter (his colleagues outside didn’t have any on themselves? ;)). I had seen one in a drawer and handed it to him. While I got it out of the drawer, in those split seconds, my thoughts raced with the imagination of him maybe touching my hand when taking the lighter, though then immediately I thought, why should he do that? He can take the lighter without touching me. But **oh le sigh** he did in fact touch my hand when taking the lighter (and to me, it felt like a second longer as it would usually take **g**). Then he went out to smoke, but kept looking and smiling at me. And now I’m thinking, damn, why can’t I work there more often? :P


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Aug. 2nd, 2011 11:55 pm (UTC)
LJ was having leftover problems from the DDoS attack last week. :(
Aug. 4th, 2011 12:58 pm (UTC)
Totally sucks! :( Why can't they just leave us alone?!

Btw, no notification about this comment. Huh...
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