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Fandom related stuff coming up. Hopefully LJ will let me, because I don't think I'll write this all a second time... [Ok, copying first before sending...]

Auggie: There's something on this tape... It's his voice.
Woman: Whose voice?
Auggie: The man who blinded me.

Omg! That was such a good episode!!! And the flashbacks! \o/ Capt. Anderson!

That fight in the end was cool! And wow, I totally believed Auggie's hate for the guy, and really thought he'd kill him!

Luke. Seriously?

And Dov! Omg! And oh, Gail and him are *this* close to kiss! I can feel it!

Old credits are back! Woo! \o/

Oh, I'd know how to spend 125 million! :P And hey, Mozzie got lucky, too, huh? ;)

Oh, and Sarah finds out about the treasure...

You know, there is something good in missing an episode of Teen Wolf. - The week after, you can watch two in a row! \o/

1.08 - Lunatic

"As much as being broken up hurts, being alone is way worse." - I'm with you, Stiles! *raises glass* [And it does make sense.]

Scott: I was having an asthma attack?!
Stiles: No. You were having a panic attack. But thinking you're having an asthma attack actually stopped the panic attack. Irony!
Scott: How'd you know how to do that?
Stiles: I used to get them after my mom died. [Omg! *huggles Stiles forever*]

"If Derek is out, you find him, you kill him, you cut him in half. Anybody want a cookie?" - O_O

"For the love of crap! I can't even read my own writing! Is that an S? No. It's a B, that's a P! That's definitely a B. Uh, Rodriguez, Taylor and Bolinski." hahaha Stiles's freak out! Is there a gif of that? haha

Scott: Stiles...
Stiles: It's Biles! Call me Biles, or I swear to god I'll kill you! - LOL

"Lust, passion, arrrousal..." *g* Loved how Stiles rolled the R.

Stiles: Can you ask Lydia if she likes me?
Scott: Okay.
Stiles: I love you! I love you! [haha]

Scott's mom: Scott?
Stiles: Stiles.
Scott's mom: Key?!
Stiles: I had one made.
Scott's mom: That doesn't surprise me. Scares me, but doesn't surprise me.

Derek!!! He's back! :D

Omg! When Stiles thought this dad was... :(


1.09 - Wolf's Bane

"It's easy. Just say: Hey Allison, can I borrow your necklace? To see if there's anything on it, or in it. That can lead me to an Alpha werewolf I need to kill in order to get back with you." - Oh Stiles! LOL

Omg! Jackson's nightmares!
Omg! Jackson shirtless! :P

"That's my cousin... Miguel." *g*

"Stiles? This... No fit!" LMAO! Also, who wouldn't go gay for that!? :P Tight shirts (or no shirt) that well, don't fit. Stiles, you're a clever boy and know how to get what you want.

Stiles: You swing for a different team, but you still play ball, don't you Danny boy?
Danny: You're a horrible person.
Stiles: I know. It keeps me awake at night.

Omg! Derek banging Stiles' head on the steering wheel!

Stiles: What the hell was that for?!
Derek: You know what that was for!

Holy crap! Derek's uncle is the Alpha!! Damn, I was so far away with my assumptions. LOL But you know what creeped me out the most maybe? - The uncle's calm and nice voice! O_O

Too short! 58 minutes and still too short! :P

If I had been Tommy, I don't think I could've stopped hitting either... :-\


Also, next time, can the pants be just a little lower?

Omg so cute! "I had a bad dream." <3

"It's strange to miss someone you don't remember." *sighs*

Eric: "Would it be alright if I stayed here until sunrise?"
Sookie: "As long as you promise to keep your hands and fangs to yourself."
Eric: "I promise. ...I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you."


[Ok, I could cry now. No one's ever gonna say something like that to me. Never. :(]

"Oh good. The world needs more beekeepers." LOL

But woah! What did they do to Pam!! "I'm through making nice. I can put up with a lot, but if you fuck with my face, it's time to die."

Yeah, Sook, are you falling in love? ;)

If you hate Bon Temps so much, Tara, why don't you just stay away?!

haha Jason and Jessica - blood bond! *sings*

Who has the best job in the whole wide world?

[Also my new desktop pic]


[Also, crying again. I'm pathetic. I miss getting kissed... And then such a man!]

And Argh! Bill! Don't interrupt them, again!

I knew Hicks would throw the baseball at the satellite to stop the humming Gary was hearing! I just knew! :D Maybe I'm an Alpha too. Let's make the test.

Also, it has been a great Friday night so far! I had The Covenant on tv [Kyle! ♥ And more hot stuff! :P]
Then there was a new teaser for Sons of Anarchy! [Still can't get over it that they cut Jax's hair!]
And a first Battleship trailer, the new Alex movie!! [Guh! The uniform! Guh! Plus Taylor Kitsch with short hair - I like!!]
AND a 20 second teaser for the new Vampire Diaries season 3! [It has naked Ian in it! But, what's up with the hair?]

Other tv watched: Combat Hospital 1.05 - Hells Bells, Falling Skies 1.06 - Sanctuary Part 1, Leverage 4.04 - The Van Gogh Job, Alphas 1.02 - Cause and Effect

Movie watched: The Fall ()
Roy: We're a strange pair, aren't we?
Alexandria: Mh-hmm.

P.S.: Old entry from last week.

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