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I've only worked four nights in the night shift again and I'm still glad that it's the weekend now. Still have to get used to it again. And yay, I'm catching up on my shows. I've started with the ones that are on hiatus now anyway, so I'm at least caught up with those, like Covert Affairs and White Collar. And woo! Teen Wolf! \o/ And I'm almost through with True Blood, which makes me sad. But more about that another time, when I have my notes. ;)

And there's so much new to watch! Ringer and The Secret Circle are on my list, for example. And why didn't anyone tell me that there's new Glee?! Oy. Just more. And I have yet to see the new Vampire Diaries!! And our internet is still acting out a bit. Apparently, we can't use the wireless anymore. Peachy. Too many people in the neighborhood are blocking our frequency. So now, we're getting cable upstairs to my room and my brother's, for the computers to be connected with the provider box thingie directly. Tomorrow, we'll go and get those cables and whatever we need as well.

Also, it's Supernatural night, isn't it? *boogies*

Speaking of, the other day, I thought about leaving spnland as I don't really have so much time at the moment, and I'm not so much in the mood for it, but oh, then I joined a new land-comm. *headdesk* throneland

Tomorrow, my favorite aunt from Kassel is visiting again. Second time this year. Love it! :D Usually, we only see each other once. And she'll even stay one day longer. I'm really looking forward to this weekend!


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Sep. 24th, 2011 12:32 am (UTC)
Theres a new show called Revenge. Ashton Holmes will be in some of the episodes. I know specifically he is episode three.

The Vampire Diaries continues to please me. Hope you can watch these.

Supernatural Friday!!!!!! 28 minutes to go! Wonder what song they use and what color will the title card be?
Sep. 25th, 2011 03:22 pm (UTC)
And there's my reason to watch Revenge. haha I've been reading about it, but it didn't really hit me, so I haven't checked it out yet. But with Ashton... *g*

Oh, I'm so looking forward to TVD!!!

Omg, I haven't seen Supernatural yet! Gah!! Tonight! Tonight!
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