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Writer's Block: BFF

How long have you had your best friend?

There is Amalia who has been one of my closest friends since I met her in third grade. I think I was eight and she was ten (she had transferred from another school and before from another country, so she lost a year I think somewhere in between) and so that was like 18 years ago! We had a bit of a rough time where we haven't been on speaking terms really, but that changed when we went to training school together again. After that, she moved to France, though, but we're still close. Not as much as I maybe liked it to be, but I love her and we visit each other or talk on the phone.

One of my oldest friends is Katharina. I've known her for 20 years now!! That's a pretty long time and we were like this *crosses fingers* when we were little, but a lot changed and now we only see each other every few weeks. Sometimes, I miss our time together.

And then there's deviltrap, who became one of my best friends eight years ago! But it really feels a lot longer to be honest. The two of us are really like one soul split in two. We have so much in common, I couldn't believe it in the beginning and thought she was just kidding me. But even today, we still find things and we're both like, "I'm not even surprised." *g* I love her! :)

And yes, I believe you can have more than one BFF, because I could never choose between mine.

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