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I'm prepared for the next cold to come! Went to the drug store today and got a whole lot of stuff. The shopping bag - and now my room, too - smelled of menthol and all the other herbs. I kinda like it.

Got new Ringer and Sons of Anarchy to watch tonight! \o/ Also Glee, though it hasn't really impressed me, yet, this season. And two more nights and then it's the weekend again. I feel a bit tired at the moment, don't know why exactly. Yesterday, I slept 9 hours, today 8 and I'm still groggy. Plus, I want to keep working on the painting by numbers project I started two days ago. I forgot how much fun that can be! I'm already addicted. Will put it high on my wishlist for Christmas this year, I think. *g*

Reminds me of "The Craft", with a girl coming to town as the "final" person to the circle of witches, and they all have real power then. Although it's based on books by L.J. Smith and done by the makers of The Vampire Diaries (I think), I'm not as hooked as I was when I started The Vampire Diaries. Yet.

First, I didn't like Faye so much because she's a total bitch. But I'm also starting to think that Diana is hiding something maybe... She's too nice. ;) haha And almost forcing them all to bind the circle...?! Something's going on there.

I kinda like Nick already. "Do you own a shirt?" - Please, not on my account. *g*

The humming in the opening credits is creepy, but I like it.

James Marsters again! Yay! :) ...But for the last time. :(

And Masi Oka in the credits now!

So far, so good. I still can't say I love the show, although I love the Danny/Steve dynamic. But I also can't quit it, it seems. :P

Also seen: Blue Bloods 201 - Mercy + 202 - Critical Condition [\o/ So glad it's back!]


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Oct. 6th, 2011 11:31 am (UTC)
I love doing things like paint by number and latch-hook.

Secret Circle was one of the shows I decided not to check out since it just didn't interest me. I love the Steve/Danny dynamic on Hawaii Five-O and I reluctantly like the new girl(blonde can't remember the name) but I miss Kono being on the team. Also YAY for Masi being in the opening credits..I ♥ his character.

Ringer this week was awesome!!
Oct. 6th, 2011 08:22 pm (UTC)
I haven't done paint by number in YEARS! Like more than 15 years. But I remember now how much fun it is!

Just watched the latest Ringer ep. last night. Really liked it!! And in the end I was, what? That's how it ends? I can't wait until next week! *g*
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