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Normal people scare me

Went to town today to buy shoes. I hate buying shoes. But I really, really, really needed new sneakers, and I even found winter boots! \o/ Success!

+ "You were the one that pulled the dagger out of her." O_O & LOL
+ Bonnie. You could've stayed wherever the hell you were...
+ Vampire hunter. Hm, good question, Stefan. Why is an original vampire who can't be killed, scared?
+ Damon: "I'm stronger than you."
Caroline: "I'm angrier."
+ Aaaand we're back in Mystic Falls! Gotta say I didn't recognize it as such. LOL Was distracted by Klaus. I want him so badly!

+ "Why are you on the floor?" - "They gave me morphine. A lot." Aw! LOL
+ Is it really Bobby...? I have a feeling. :-\
+ Omg! I love tv-addicted Dean! <333 "Dude! Ricardo" - "What happened?" - "Suicidio." And the look on his face!
+ Flashbacks! \o/ Young Sam! \o/ And my goodness, Colin Ford got cute! Cuter than before, I mean. Give him 10 more years, and damn! :P
+ Mh! Dean in the suit, and god the hair again! *dies*
+ Omg! Dean punching Sam! Soooo reminded me of the pilot episode when Sam grabbed Dean and pulled him into the hotel room. haha Just... well, the other way around. LOL
+ Oh, I knew Dean would go back for Amy, and wow, her son swears to kill Dean. O_O

Awesome story! Season 7 feels like the old seasons again! I love it!

hahaha What did I say when I watched ep. 1? And now, Faye mentioned "The Craft", too! *g*

I still think something's off with Diana. She behaves like the boss of all, deciding what to do with the magic and what not.

Oh no! Not Nick with the icky snake demon! Though, let him do some magic, yeah? ;) Oh, it's Melissa!!

Adam: "Got a broom?"
Me: Sure, she's a witch.
Cassie: "Sure, I'm a witch." - *g* I'm awesome! haha

This episode was a strong one, I really liked it.

Aka Nightvision goggles are sexy! ;)

Also, Olivia holding Lincoln! Like alt!Lincoln did with alt!Olivia!! *squee*

Omg Walter!! O_O I heard the hammer and was like, ...WHAT?! O_O

And Olivia is dreaming of Peter!! <3

Also watched 402 of Merlin. What are six knights on a boat? A dream boat! *g*


American Horror Story 101 was pretty good. And hey, Christina Serratos! Ha! Met her last year! ;) The beginning was sooo creepy, I was like... o.O You know that I have to walk to my car later? In the dark! *shivers* Jeez, it was creepy! Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit!

Also watched: Nikita 203 - Knightfall, Revenge 103 - Betrayal [Ashton! <333 "You're cute." - Isn't he? <333], Lost Girl 205 - BrotherFae of the wolves [Just a bit absurd with that "weapon". o.O Don't know what to make of season 2 so far.], Blue Bloods 203 - Friendly Fire

Watching X-Factor on tv. Why are they kicking the good singers out? o.O


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Oct. 13th, 2011 02:38 pm (UTC)
SPN and TVD were great again. Love both seasons so far!
Oct. 18th, 2011 06:38 pm (UTC)
Me too! :D
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