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And the gods shook, they knew not why.

I think I'm on the best way to lose my voice again. Like I mentioned yesterday, it's not really a cough that I have, but it feels off. And I hear it myself that I sound weird when I talk. Meh.

Though on happy news, yesterday I was on the phone with my BFF to finally talk to her for the first time since she had her second child three weeks ago. They all have a cold, as well. I was like, oh, so the little guy already gets a chance to build up a resistance. :P But oh my gosh, I can't say it enough, her (almost) three year old daughter is the cutest thing! Amalia handed the phone to her and the little one said hello to me in German, and asked me how I was. So adorable!!! <3 The last time, it was in French, now German. *g* Cuuuute! I love them all so much and I hate it that we don't get to see each other so often.

TV watched: Chuck 213 - 216 [Funny! A character's name was Paolo Giordano! - Like this author whose book I've read just a few weeks ago! haha]

Movie watched: K-19 - The Widowmaker [Jacob! <3 He had not a single line of text but I enjoyed it anyway. *g* And who knew that movie was actually that good?!]

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