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Don't roofie me and call it romance

I'm magic! This morning, I don't know how that came and why it hit me, I was like, "I miss Misfits!" And what now? SEASON 3 STARTED!!! I didn't even know! Omg!!! \o/ Maybe my magic is stronger on Halloween... It is the most magical night anyway. *g*

So, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I have NO clue what to write about but I really want to, so I'll think of something and just start to write. Maybe a real story will develop itself in the process. Btw, if you like, add me! apassingtale

MASON! <333 Damon: "I think he's still a little pissed." *g*

Jeremy and Anna are so cute! <3 Jeremy: "I love her. I've always loved her." ♥

And Lexi! Oh, I liked her! So cool that they're all showing up again!

I loved the scene with Mason, Damon and Alaric at the bar. And Mason saying he wants an apology and Alaric just laughs! "Good luck with that." haha
And that Mason wants to help Tyler and Damon just said, "Tyler can't be helped. At least not while Klaus is alive, which is... like always." *g* But Mason knows how to kill an Original?!

But then, they all leave... I miss Mason already. :(

I'm not weeping about the fact that Bonnie and Jeremy broke up now. But I'm intrigued to know what the wall paintings mean!!

The bad guys always have to use magic because they can't win without it! Cowards!

And my god, Morgana is getting annoying! Always that attitude, "I'm the biggest and meanest witch in the whole wide world and I'm going to get you! Don't mess with me!" I can't take it anymore! Argh!

+ Ditch the car? Not with Dean around! ;) Aw, Dean! So mean to the Little Pony! LOL "Baby on lockdown." *g* "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." And then "All out of love" - PERFECT!! FUCKING PERFECT!!! And Dean singing/mouthing the song! Omg!
+ Where they worked jobs - in order! Since Sam left college! *eek* And of course, Dean remembers where's the best food! LOL I like those flashbacks lately, to season 1.
+ "You want me to Desperate Housewife these mothers?" *g*
+ Oh, and the Dean!Leviathan tells Sam that Dean killed Amy!
+ "I'm Crowley. I run hell." haha Awesome!
+ Oh no boys!! Don't go your seperate ways! Again! :(

More watched: Nikita 206 - 343 Walnut Lane, The Secret Circle 107 - Masked [Ok, Jake is hot, but I still miss Nick! :(]

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