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Dear YAGKYAS Secret Santa...

Dear Secret Santa,

this is gonna be a short and easy letter, AS I WILL LOVE EVERYTHING YOU WILL WRITE FOR ME!!! Seriously, simply the fact that someone is writing me sweet Generation Kill fic is making me extremely happy!

And really, it's like I mentioned before, I actually don't really care what the fic will be about, because let's face the truth - as long as it's GK, it's gonna be beautifully epic! So just write how it tickles your fancy. I told you my favorite characters (although of course I love all the boys) and you can pair them up how you want it, write slash or gen, I'm fine with it all.

Actually, I'm really, really bad in giving prompts and first I just wanted to leave everything blank and just mention, "Write something, anything!!" But then that sentence hit me by accident and well, do with it what you want.

I must be a bad recipient, as I can't really give you hints, but it's not my problem that I love everything GK, however it's gonna turn out!! <3

And I love you for doing this for me! I seriously can't wait to read the fic and giggle like a loon because I can't contain the excitement!

Have fun writing!

Lots of love,
me, the grateful one <3

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